Get Amped for Apt!

“Apt is the New Nervous” is the debut single by Apt. If you don’t know who Apt is then you don’t know anything about the Provo Music Scene.

Chance Lewis and Apt at the Shops at Riverwoods. Photo by Gilbert Cisneros.

Apt is an O.Z. (Original Zoobie) in the game. I heard Apt back in 05 and then lost track of him, but thanks to Chance Lewis I was able to see Apt on stage again. The man is like the Trent Reznor of lyrical content when it comes to raw and undiluted bars of melodic wordplay. (I personally would love to drop a few bars with him).

Apt is the New Nervous is produced by Chance Lewis. The beat is hype and would fit perfectly in a summer action flick, Michael Bay style with explosions. It reminds me of LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out. An anthem joint with lyrics that sucker punch whack emcees and gets real Hip Hop heads head nodding. Seeing Apt perform this track on stage makes a crowd nervous and unsure if they will punch someone before the song is through or get so hype they collapse in a holy ghost evangelical style from the impact.

I love the track and if you want to see how raw Provo Hip Hop can get check out Apt!

Apt will be playing a show this Friday at Muse Music Café with Chance LewisShawty & the BeastThe Bonus BanditsDream Eater, and others. Be sure to come, enjoy some hip hop, and eat a delicious sandwich from the café.


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