DateNight & BYU WSR Team Up For Music Video

The local Provo band produced an inspirational video to raise awareness for an important cause.

By Zander Sturgill

The new local band DateNight teamed up with BYU Women’s Services and Resources to put out a video promoting true beauty and womanhood. BYU Women’s Services and Resources is an organization on campus that helps women overcome eating disorders, abuse, and depression. Their campaign for this year is the Recapturing Beauty campaign.

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Their official website says: “Recapturing Beauty is a campaign to reshape our ideas and attitudes about beauty away from those promoted in our popular culture. The definition of beauty has been high-jacked by a group of people and industries who have in mind profit more than beauty.”

DateNight consists of James Pemberton (lead vocals), Zach Collier (guitar), Jared King (harmonica, percussion, keys), Alessandro Improta (bass, vocals), and Loren Larsen (drums). If you go to DateNight’s Facebook page, you’ll see that they’ve promoted these ideas about womanhood for a while. It was very natural for them to team up with BYUWSR for their new song.

The band wrote the song because they knew a lot of girls who struggled with self esteem. They made it voluntarily and then donated it to BYU’s Women’s Services and Resources. “I started writing the song because I have a very dear friend who sometimes felt under appreciated and under valued,” says guitarist Zach Collier. “I wanted her to feel good about herself. It’s more than a love song. I refer to this as a TRUE love song – just loving someone because they are them.”

“Our purpose is to bring joy to and to inspire others,” says lead singer James Pemberton. “We play music for others, not for ourselves.”

You can like DateNight on their Facebook page  and listen to their music on Spotify here. The video was produced by local videographer Dane Christensen of SRNDPTS. You can see more of his work here. You can watch it in its entirety below.

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on before they changed to their new discussion-based format. All articles from Provo Buzz have been reposted here with permission. This article has received minor edits for grammar and spelling, and web links have been updated.]


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