Provo band Woodward Avenue to Release Debut EP at The Wall.

The band will give away EP’s to the first 50 people to arrive.


By Zach Collier

On September 13th, The Wall will be hosting Dream Winter Away, a concert celebrating the release of Woodward Avenue’s debut EP of the same name. The Wall is located in the bottom floor of the Wilkinson Center on BYU Campus. Woodward Avenue will be headlining the show and they will be joined by Cody Wright.  This concert is a major achievement in the development of one of Provo’s newest bands.


Woodward Avenue was formed in 2013 by Jeff Mecham (lead vocals, keys) and Johnny Wenzel. The duo would get together occasionally, but they wouldn’t take it very seriously. “It was just for fun,” says Mecham. “Until one day, Johnny decided to sign us up to audition for Battle of the Bands. I asked him when [the audition] was, and he said ‘next Wednesday.’ Suddenly we were scrambling.”

Wenzel quickly reached out to friends from his days as a Mormon missionary, and soon Dylan Lamb (guitar) and Justin Anderson (vocals, auxiliary percussion) were added to the lineup. Later, violinist David Price and bassist Romm Jackson were added. Woodward Avenue was born.

Woodward Avenue performing at Velour Live Music Gallery.

Woodward Avenue took second place in BYU’s Battle of the Bands at the end of 2013 – the same competition that Grammy award-winning Imagine Dragons once played.


“We weren’t expecting to even place,” says Wenzel. “We thought it would be cool, but we didn’t have our hopes up. When we found out we got second, we were shocked.”

“After that, it really invigorated us and got us to start writing,” says Mecham.

Since that time, Woodward Avenue has played at various venues in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake, and Logan, gaining a loyal following along the way. Their debut EP, Dream Winter Away represents 10 months of hard work. The title track, “Midwinter’s Daydream,” is a gripping, intimate piece about finding inner peace despite difficulties.

“Winter is a time of reflection,” says Mecham. “Winter comes upon us more often than we realize…  Sometimes all you can do is close your eyes and dream it away. You know, hold on to whatever fraction of hope is found deep within you.”

The album artwork was designed by Byron White. When asked what the band hoped to accomplish with this release, Mecham replied, “Our goal is to get as many copies of the CD out to people as possible… At the show we’re giving away EP’s to the first 50 people there. I mean if people love the music, that’s great, but more than that we want them to experience it and let it teach and change them like music has changed us. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Don’t miss Dream Winter Away Saturday, September 13th at 8:30 PM at The Wall. Tickets are $5.

Check out the video below for more information about the band and “Dream Winter Away.”


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