Turn On The Porch Lights

To Provo band Porch Lights, making music is about human connection and artistic sincerity.

By Brittany Plothow

Porch Lights isn’t your typical Provo jam band. Corey Crellin and Emily Brown make up one of Provo’s newest indie bands. However, their approach to music isn’t like the majority. Corey describes their music as a window into the really personal parts of their lives and says that every single lyric is about making a real human connection between the band and their listeners. Self described as “magical indie folk,” Porch Lights is reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel with a splash of Bon Iver and The Weepies. With slick harmonies and earnest lyrics, their debut album, Caverns, is the perfect background music for a Provo house party or a drive up the canyon.

Corey began writing and recording music as a solo artist about a year and a half ago. He asked Emily to make guest appearances on a few of his tracks and that eventually morphed into a full fledged band. They would often play in Corey’s front yard in the heart of BYU student housing, which helped them gain a local following.

The physical copy Porch Lights’ album, Caverns.

Emily has been part of the Provo music scene for awhile. When playing with Book on Tapeworm a few years ago, she spent time around other successful local bands. Along with the other members of Book on Tapeworm, The Moth & The Flame, Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees, and other musicians in the Provo area, Emily would get together for what they called “Friend HE” – a place where they could just be friends, no musical pressure. There was no competitive overtone or jealousy over the success of another. “There’s depth in the Provo music scene,” says Emily.

To both Corey and Emily, music is more than a hobby to get them through college. “Music is really special to us,” says Corey. They both plan on making music long into the future without it becoming work. “When it becomes work, it loses it specialness.” For Emily, music is “a labor of love” and she wants it to stay that way “instead of focusing on making money.” They both find this beneficial when it comes to producing new music. “You have to have a life to write about your life,” says Corey – and Emily agrees.

Porch Lights will be playing an album release show on September 6th at 7:30 at 900 Terrace Drive, which is the base of the Y hiking trail (not a house show). Be sure to show up and enjoy the loveliness that is Porch Lights.

Like Porch Lights on Facebook and check out their performance on The Couch Series below.


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