Claire Elise Launches Low Ceilings Release Tour

The Idaho native is heading out on tour in support of her new EP.

By Zach Collier

You may have heard her voice singing to you in a cafe or floating over a captivated audience at an acoustic performance night downtown. Her name is Claire Elise, and she is clever, spunky, and a dang good musician. One reviewer said, “Claire is so effortlessly good, it honestly makes me a little mad. It’s as if she just sits down with a guitar and songs slip out of her.”

An Idaho native, she recently left the Provo scene to return home and record her new EP. The trip proved to be an intimate and rewarding experience for her. The result? The Low Ceilings EP.

“This is my second EP,” she says. “I wrote, recorded, and produced everything on my own. I took my time to do what I needed. I probably spent two weeks, day and night, recording. I’m really proud of it… Every song has come to life in such a natural and perfect way for me.”

Claire Elise’s first EP, One Foot in Front of the Other, was released a year ago. “I’ve changed so much. I’m probably 200% different now,” says Claire.

A marker of that “200% change” is Claire incorporating a full band into her live show.  “As much as I play solo, I’d much rather play full band. It brings a stronger energy and allows me to have less personal pressure and play fuller.”

After launching and funding a successful Kickstarter campaign, Claire Elise is beginning The Low Ceilings Release Tour to promote her 6-Song EP. Her first show will be Thursday, October 23 at Velour Live Music Gallery.

Says Claire: “Provo is where I really started to play live music and made a lot of good friends, so it’s kind of special in that way.” She will be playing along side those friends, Kitfox and The May Reunion, next week. “I’ve always loved Kitfox. My first open mic at Velour was the first time I heard them. They were so cool. It’s like if we were in middle school, I would probably pray to sit with them at lunch. Their music is flawless and for me, continues to be like warm cider in fall weather. The May Reunion I first heard at Velour open mic as well, then later I was in Battle of the Bands with them. Their music is the kind I’d take with me to the lake. I’d just sit there, listen, and think about my crazy life. Both of these bands are incredibly genuine and incredibly talented.”

Tonight, I was privileged to have an advanced listen of the Low Ceilings EP before it drops. I can personally tell you that you won’t be disappointed by the release. The title track is reminiscent of Florence and the Machine. The vocals echo, they soar, and the sonic space in the track envelops you like – indulge me here – a wolf’s howl from the woods on a winter night. It’s haunting and deeply impactful. As for the rest of the tracks, let me put it this way: If Ingrid Michelson and Damien Rice had a baby, you would get Claire Elise. It’s awesome.

When asked what the live show will be like, Claire said, “It’s going to be lovely. That’s all there is to say. The feels may be present in your heart, and you will probably leave feeling pretty happy about life.”

Catch the Low Ceilings Release Tour:
Logan, UT – October 22nd
Provo, UT – October 23rd
Salt Lake City, UT – October 24th
Blackfoot, ID – October 25th

For more information, visit the Claire Elise Music Facebook page.

Claire Elise, Kitfox, and The May Reunion
Thursday, October 23 @ 8:00 PM
Velour Live Music Gallery
Tickets $8

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on before they changed to their new discussion-based format. All articles from Provo Buzz have been reposted here with permission.]

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