#TBT to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

A local band covers a rock classic.

By Davis Blount

This week, Analog Provo has decided throw it back to one of the great songs of rock history. Local musicians Memoryfield have taken it upon themselves to cover “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” the classic rock anthem first recorded by Joy Division.


IRIS joins the members of Memoryfield (Billy R. Preston and Juliet Gamero) for this track to add her vocal styling and finesse. From start to finish, the trio finds a way to add a slightly different take to the anthem while still maintaining an air of genuineness and deference to the original track. With a slightly more compelling instrumental backing, Memoryfield’s most recent cover offers listeners a cleaner, more musical take on a song that has found its way into the annals of rock and roll history.

On the band’s soundcloud page, the description simply says: “In memory of Ian Curtis.”

Give the track a listen here:


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