Miles Out: “My Life Is A Dance Party”

From start to finish, this pop anthem will have listeners clamoring for more.

By Davis Blount

On Friday, November 13th, Miles Out will take the stage at Gezzo Hall with The Anchorage and Church On Sunday. As a special treat to those in attendance, Miles Out will be releasing their new single, “My Life Is a Dance Party.” We were able to sneak a listen or two to the single before its official release and we were seriously impressed.


The track starts out with a smooth guitar riff greeted by synth and handclaps. “My Life Is a Dance Party” stands as a great example of the genius of Miles Out: the band allows their eclectic tastes to shine through without being swallowed by any one genre. The synth-pop vibes are paired with a very modern sensibility, with nods to the contemporary hip-hop era in which we live. Fuzzed-out guitar solos syncopate falsetto “oohs” and “ahs” that are peppered throughout the song. From start to finish, this pop anthem will have listeners clamoring for more. Fortunately, the band’s Soundcloud page may be of some relief. You can check out some of their music, like the song “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” there.

Analog Provo did an interview with the band that ran in the Daily Herald. There was however, a tradition that we wanted to keep going, so here is an exclusive question with the band.


So My Fair Fiend donated a question for you all to answer and it’s a real head-scratcher: “Which park in Utah do you think most deserves a disc golf course?”

Miles Out: Man, lets think about that… there was a park up in Salt Lake that we all used to play at as kids, but there is something really tempting about placing a course in the middle of Arches National Park. Like, imagine trying to tee off and threading the needle between one of the arches there? It would be incredible. It may not be a realistic goal, but the idea of that is too cool to not suggest.

Lastly, is there a question that you would like to donate to the next artist who is interviewed?

Miles Out: Okay, for this, we want to go really existential. Our question will simply be: “Why?”

If you can’t make it out to the band’s show on Friday, be sure to keep an eye out for the official release of “My Life Is A Dance Party.” You can listen to their last single, “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” below.


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