Carpoolparty Releases First Official Video

Carpoolparty’s unique brand of indie-electronica makes its official debut.

By Zach Collier

Electro-pop duo Carpoolparty, consisting of Danny and Mary Olguin, just released their first official music video, “I Don’t Care Where I Belong.” The video features Carpoolparty’s signature¬†imagery – retro 3D graphics, blocky text, video game sprites, and bright colors that delicately toe the line¬†between neon and pastel.

A vaporwave group, their music incorporates retro cultural aesthetics. Vaporwave is a daring new electronic genre that meshes well with cinematic imagery. Its music chops and screws samples from the ’80’s and ’90’s. These samples come from a variety of sources – songs, commercials, presidential speeches, early morning cartoons, you name it. If it comes from the era, it’s fair game. Adding these retro samples to chill-wave esque synthesis can create music that is simultaneously beautiful and cynical – often taking shots at pop culture and capitalist excess.

You’ll find all of that and more in this video. Beauty, criticism, bright colors. They’re all here, paired with stunning footage of Mary Olguin dancing across Wes Anderson styled shots in a wide variety of locales. To get the required footage, the duo travelled over 2,000 miles. The lyrics are cleverly woven into “opening credits,” as if this were the intro to a much longer film.

It’s something you have to experience for yourself. Watch the video below, and make sure to check out Carpoolparty on Facebook.

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