Arvo’s Third Annual New Year’s Eve Party to Feature The Brocks and Strange Familia

Socially conscious Arvo provides minimalist watches and Provo music this New Year’s Eve.

By Zach Collier

Arvo, a watch company based out of Salt Lake City, is hosting their third annual New Year’s party. Initially a way to gain some face-to-face time with their customers, the Arvo New Year’s Party has become a major event.

“Since day one, we have tried to engrain ourselves into our community,” says Braedin Nackos, Executive Assistant of Arvo. “In accordance with our mission to build up our community, we feature local bands and musicians, photographers/videographers, and other local entertainment at the party. A lot of work has gone into planning the party on our end, but what we love most is the interaction of our customer base.” This face to face interaction is important to Arvo. Nackos also mentioned that they enjoy getting tips and opinions on how to improve their goods and services from those who attend the party.

Arvo provides water resistant minimalist watches with interchangeable genuine-leather bands. “The classic look is ‘classic’ for a reason,” says Nackos. “The vintage look will be around forever. And since we’ve developed timeless designs, we make watches to last a long time.” Arvo watches are usually priced between $65 and $75 dollars. Affordable and stylish, Arvo is definitely following Millennial cultural trends: look good, do good, save money. For every watch sold, a portion of the proceeds goes towards charitable projects.

“We have helped clothe the homeless, raise money for girls’ education in India, promote community involvement with Utah’s refugee program, among others. Helping others is our passion, and through the selling of watches, we can accomplish that,” says Nackos.

The concert will feature The Brocks, Goldensuns, Strange Familia, and DJ Cuzzik. It’s an all ages event, which means no alcohol. Says Nackos, “We feel that providing an alcohol-free event that everyone is invited to is the best way… to create an enjoyable night for everyone.”

The Brocks have had quite a few breakthroughs recently. Most notably, in 2014 their song “Circles” was chosen to score commercials for Kenneth Cole\’s new scent, MANKIND. They also collaborated with grammy nominated DJ and producer, Kaskade on the song “Summer Nights.” The Brocks have big things ahead of them.

Strange Familia was featured in 2015’s Cowboys and Indies show at Velour Live Music Gallery. Also featured were Google Fiber poster boys The New Electric Sound and Rooftop Concert alums Sego.

Don’t miss the Third Annual Arvo New Year’s Party Thursday, December 31 at 7 PM. $15 admission. The event will be held at 600 S 700 E at The Falls Event Center, Salt Lake City at Trolley Square. Tickets are available at

Check out some footage from last year’s show.


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