Velour celebrates decade of music with full slate of stellar shows

The gorgeous Velour lights will shine on local acts, old and new, for 8 straight weeks.

By Richard Provost

On January 13, 2016, Velour Live Music Gallery turns 10 years old. Opened on Friday the 13th, 2006, a lot has changed in ten years. For example, check out who Velour had on the bill for their 5th anniversary:

Thursday, January 13 2011: Cory Mon & The Starlight Gospel, Holy Water Buffalo, Ferocious Oaks and Gypsy Cab.

Friday, January 14, 2011: Imagine Dragons, Vibrant Sound, The Neighbors and Preston Pugmire

Saturday, January 15, 2011: Fictionist, Sunflow, Battle School and Boots to the Moon. [1]

The first Grammy Award-winning record out of Provo. Get it on vinyl.

Since that time Imagine Dragons has won two American Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and a Grammy [2]; Gypsy Cab guitarist Pat Boyer joined Desert Noises, played Austin City Limits Music Festival, and moved to Nashville [3]; Vibrant Sound launched a U.S. and European tour, opening for Lindsay Sterling [4]; Fictionist signed with Atlantic Records, split with Atlantic records [5], and played with the likes of Shiny Toy Guns and Vampire Weekend; and Cory Mon has moved to Hawaii and back, gotten married, and released a solo album [6]. And that’s just five years. Not ten.

Velour Live Music Gallery has given rise to the Provo music scene, opening its doors for performers of all kinds through weekly open mic nights. Owner Corey Fox has gone the extra mile, personally aiding bands in their attempt to reach beyond state lines and into the world at large. He’s served as creative director for the BYUtv series Audio Files [7], as a sponsor and supporter of Rooftop Concert Series [8], and has welcomed acts like Sara Bareilles, Matt Nathanson, and Local Natives to the stage.

The value Velour Live Music Gallery has added to Provo City cannot be overstated. To commemorate this significant milestone, Velour Live Music Gallery posted this on their Facebook page:

After months of preparation…we are excited to finally be able to announce EIGHT weeks of shows to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, starting next weekend! These lineups include favorite local and touring names from the last 10 years, which means many of these bands are reuniting for one-night only and/or traveling to Utah especially for these shows! Tickets to each of these evenings will be available starting Wed December 23rd, on Check back here for more lineup updates during the next few days. Of course these are all recommended don’t-miss events — we’d love to have you join us to enjoy great music and celebrate 10 great years in Provo!

Make sure to get tickets while you can. Five years from now, you’ll be glad you did. For more information, visit or their official Facebook page.

The schedule is as follows:

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Fri 1/1 and Sat 1/2

“Annual Slumber Party” Shows
Book on Tape Worm w/ Flannel Graph (MT)
No advance tickets on these events


Closed for renovations

Fri 1/8

The National Parks, Westward The Tide, Brumby (From Vegas)

Sat 1/9

RKDN, Static Waves, Festive People (Winter 2015 Battle of the Bands Winner)

Wed 1/13 (Actual Anniversary)

Private Anniversary Party (Invite Only)

Fri 1/15


Sat 1/16

The New Electric Sound, The LoveStrange, with more artists to be announced

Thurs 1/21

Cory Mon, Matt Lewis, Peter Harper (On Tour, Brother of Ben Harper), Donnie Bonelli & Jeff Stone

Fri 1/22

The Moth & the Flame, Sego, Polytype (Reunion)

Sat 1/23

Fictionist, Mideau, The Brocks

Provo Music Magazine is brought to you in part by Top10Music. Visit their YouTube channel for artist facts, top 10 lists, and playlists for every occasion.

Wed 1/27

Damien Jurado (From Seattle), Quiet House

Thurs 1/28

The Foreign Figures Single Release
With Spirit City and more acts to be announced

Fri 1/29

Eyes Lips Eyes (Reunion), Chasing Kings (LA/Reunion), Kid Theodore (Reunion), Seve Vs Evan

Sat 1/30

Return To Sender (Reunion), Boots to the Moon (Reunion), The John Whites (Reunion), The Eden Express (Reunion)

Fri 2/5

The Devil Whale/Palomino (Reunion), Location Location (Reunion), Code Hero (Reunion)

Sat 2/6

Shark Speed (Reunion), The New Nervous (Reunion), with more acts to be announced

Fri 2/12

John Allred Chris Merritt (Virginia/Reunion), Cary Judd (Boise/Reunion)

Sat 2/13

The Str!ke Mimi Knowles Ryan Innes

Fri 2/19


Anchor by Mindy Gledhill is a Provo classic. Get it on vinyl today!

Sat 2/20

The Hive Riot Album Release
(Featuring Mindy Gledhill), Coral Bones

Thurs 2/25, Fri 2/26, Sat 2/27

“Les Femmes De Velour” Annual Event (All Female fronted bands)
Bands/Performers TBA

+ Open-Mic every Tuesday and other bands/shows TBA soon

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[…] As of 4 PM Mountain Standard Time on December 30, 2015: The National Parks, Westward The Tide, and Brumby – all bands with strong ties to Provo – are part of the #1 selling show in the Utah Region, according to These three bands will be performing live at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, UT on January 8th, 2016 as part of Velour’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. […]


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