Foreign Figures To Release New Single From Upcoming Album

Listen to Foreign Figures’ new song, “Force of Nature”

By Mike Romero

Foreign Figures is set to release a new single, “Force of Nature,” tonight as part of Velour Live Music Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. The song comes from their first full length album, tentatively set for release early this April.

When asked why they chose to lead with “Force of Nature,” Foreign Figures bassist Seth Dunshee said, “We had four or five songs that we were tied up on to choose as singles, but as we kept writing, our opinions changed. We had written almost all the songs on the album, but ‘Force of Nature’ came about super naturally at the last minute. We wrote it, produced it, and recorded it all within a month, and it just kinda stood out as a fresh representation of the new album.”

Musically, the song finds the band in a much more confident place. Their debut EP, Come Alive, sounded a little hesitant and unpolished in places, as if the band was timidly experimenting and testing the waters – excited about the material, but unsure how to go about it. That’s not a bad thing by any means. In fact, it’s characteristic of most debuts. Despite the trepidation, the EP was strong enough to garner Foreign Figures both a nomination for Best New Artist and a win for Best Music Video at the 2015 Utah Music Awards. [1] If “Force of Nature” is any indication, Foreign Figures will have their feet firmly planted under them in terms of writing and arrangement this time around.

“We’ve gravitated more towards alternative rock/pop as opposed to just pop,” says Dunshee. “Eric’s voice is continually leveling up, and he has some of the best hooks he has ever written on this new album. You’ll still get some epic, drivey percussion as well as some anthemic moments; way more guitar and bass tones; and a few hip hoppy moments as well. We’ve collaborated well, and each band member shines a little bit more this album as far as what they bring to the table individually.”

From left to right: Bassist Seth Dunshee, lead singer Eric Michels, guitarist Jonny Tanner, and drummer Steve Michels.

The album is entirely self recorded and self produced apart from the vocals, which were tracked at June Audio. Foreign Figures has made some big changes since Come Alive. Dunshee says: “We made some of the most defining and tough decisions as a band to really focus on Foreign Figures full time. We went from a five piece band to a four piece. I switched from guitar to bass, we played what seems like a gazillion shows, scrimped and saved to upgrade our gear, and started to (subconsciously) write the music that we feel is gonna define Foreign Figures. We’ve also learned and grown as musicians and business people. We still don’t have a manager, and we’ve enjoyed self managing thus far, even though it’s pretty stressful sometimes.”

Foreign Figures has tried to make sure their recordings are true to their live sound. Since losing original bassist Eric Espinel last year to a career at Google, [2] the band has had to shift things around and learn how to cover all the bases. Consequently, Foreign Figures is now taking a more organic, natural approach to their music. They still incorporate the use of synthesizer, but as you’ll see in “Force of Nature,” its use is primarily to add texture, depth, and volume to an already warm, well rounded sound.

“This album contains a lot more flavors than Come Alive,” says Dunshee. “You’ll still hear Foreign Figures, that’s for sure. But it has, in my opinion, a bit more maturity in songwriting, both lyrically and musically.”

While a specific release date for the album has not been set, Foreign Figures is planning a spring tour around the release for the month of April. Another single is set to drop in March, likely with a new music video. Foreign Figures is hoping the show tonight will help fans get excited for new material.

Come see Foreign Figures tonight, January 28th at Velour Live Music Gallery. Joining them will be LA’s The Federal Empire and local favorites Spirit City. Anyone who attends the show will get a free download of the new Foreign Figures single, “Force of Nature.” Doors open at 8PM. Tickets are $8 in advance and $8 at the door (cash only). Grab tickets online here.

[1] “Utah Music Awards – 2015 Utah Music Award Winners.” Utah Music Awards. Utah Music Awards, 13 Sept. 2015. Web. 27 Jan. 2016.
[2] Foreign Figures. “We want to say a huge THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to Eric Espinel. You’ve been an amazing bass player, band member, and most of all a great friend. Good luck at Google! Also, our good friend Bryce is off to Med school in Puerto Rico – you will be missed as well!” Facebook. June 1, 2015.

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