Grey Glass to Play The Wall With The Opskamatrists

Provo band Grey Glass is teaming up with The Opskamatrists – a band from Idaho Falls – to provide a visually engaging, affordable sonic experience.

By Zach Collier

Tomorrow night, Grey Glass will be taking the stage at The Wall, located in the Wilkinson Student Center on BYU Campus. Joining them will be The Opskamatrists, a six piece ska group from Idaho Falls. Ticket prices for the show are remarkably low – only two dollars. Why? Grey Glass wants to make the show accessible to everyone, whether they’re long time fans or looking to discover some new music.

“We’re going to branch out and try a lot of new things,” says Grey Glass drummer Scott Knutson. “For starters, we’re dabbling in some multimedia stuff. We don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but we’re preparing some videos to play in between songs, some lighting fun, stuff like that. It’s going to be rad.”

So why is a ska band performing alongside Grey Glass – an indie band with heavy atmospheric post-rock influence? The answer is simple. “The Opskamatrists? They never disappoint,” says Knutson. Knutson discovered The Opskamatrists when he was going to school in Idaho. He went to several of their shows and was blown away. “I rocked out so hard at one of their shows that I lost my voice for days afterwards. Those guys SERIOUSLY know how to party.” The new bassist for The Opskamatrists is a friend of Knutson’s, and they’ve been looking forward to doing a show together for quite some time.

Grey Glass Performing at Velour Live Music Gallery in December 2015

Knutson is confident that fans of either genre will enjoy the sounds of both bands. “All of us in Grey Glass have been in Provo for years now, but none of us have heard of any ska bands here. Which is nothing short of a travesty,” he says. “Provo and ska seems like a match made in heaven; Provo peeps love fantastic music and having a great time, right? How is ska not a thing here?”

“We always love coming down to Utah, and this time, we’re going straight into the heart!” said Aaron Pearl, bassist for The Opskamatrists. “We are excited to be so close to the college and bring some dancing to the students. We always hope that everyone who hears us leaves with a smile on their face.”

Grey Glass will be selling new T-Shirts, along with their self-titled EP which contains the tracks “Mark Twain,” “Lioness,” and “Old.” The band is currently in the studio working on a new single. The Opskamatrists are also in the process of recording new music. While that new music won’t be available, their first two albums, The Opskamatrists and States That End in Ska will be available at the show.

Don’t miss Grey Glass and The Opskamatrists live at The Wall tomorrow, February 26th, at 8PM. Doors open at 7:30PM, and tickets are $2 at the door. Watch the beautiful music video for “Old” by Grey Glass below.


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