Gezzo Hall to Host Its Biggest Show to Date

Things are getting real tomorrow night at Gezzo Hall. Storm Troopers are set to join local YouTube stars onstage for a huge performance.

By Zach Collier

Tomorrow, Gezzo Hall will welcome three major YouTube stars to its stage: Scott Winn, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, and Shaun Canon. Joining them will be young Lehi favorites, RedSleeves.

Winn won a Utah Music Award in 2015 for The Cool Guys EP, his collaborative pop/dance effort with Brenden Bytheway. Winn is one of Utah’s biggest UTubers, known for videos such as “Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep,” “High School Dance Battle – Geeks vs. Cool Kids,” “Old Man Parkour – Watch Out Kids!“, and “Stormtrooper Twerk.” He was recently the keynote speaker at the March 2016 UTuber meetup at DevMountain in Downtown Provo. His channel currently sits at over 140 million views.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, an old school rap outfit, performed alongside Mimi Knowles and House of Lewis during the August 2014 Rooftop Concert Series. Their music frequently appears in DevinSuperTramp videos, and their YouTube channel has racked up an impressive 9 million views. Pretty solid for independent musicians. Frontman David Eff Peterson is also the founder of UseMySongs, a website that allows independent musicians and YouTubers to connect and work out licensing deals.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Shaun Canon recently sat down with Provo Music Magazine to discuss his recent album, SuperPop (read that here). He had a major, breakout success when the music video for his single, “My Turn” – a collaboration with Ronnie Street Stunts – went viral. His unique genre, Nerd Pop, blends catchy pop and synth melodies with comic book and video game themes. He’ll be joined onstage by Missy Lynn.

The show was David Winn’s idea. “He wanted to ‘bring his channel to life onstage,'” says Gezzo Hall owner Sam Mecham. “And he’s doing it. There’s going to be live dance battles by professional dancers, a team of fully dressed storm troopers, the real fruit ninja, and lots more.” Phil J Drums is flying out to be Winn’s drummer, and Justin Williams of American Idol will be there tomorrow night for background vocals.

“This is actually going to be one of the biggest shows Provo has seen, outside of Stadium of Fire,” says Mecham.

Come see the show at Gezzo Hall tomorrow night at 7PM. Tickets are $8 online. Whoever wears the best costume to the show this Friday wins $100 cash and an appearance in a ScottDW video. Check out Shaun Canon’s latest music video below.


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