The Cold Year to Release New EP Tomorrow at Muse

Queenadilla and Portland’s The Cabin Project will take the stage at Muse Music tomorrow during The Cold Year’s EP release show.

By Zach Collier

Orem-based gypsy rockers The Cold Year are releasing a brand new EP tomorrow night at Muse Music. The EP, entitled Live @ KRCL, was recorded as part of Not a Side Show – a radio show hosted by Circus Brown that spins the latest independent releases. It airs on Fridays from 8 to 10:30 PM on 90.9 FM.

The new EP features 3 tracks, including “The Guillotine,” “Nashville’s Full,” and “Kid’s Last Week.” Also included is a 7 minute interview with the band. The EP was mixed and mastered by Jason Knoell of H2Audio. During tomorrow night’s show, The Cold Year will perform new songs off of their full length release, Praise the Goat.

When asked why the band chose to have their release show at Muse Music, frontman Matthew Skaggs said, “We chose Muse because we love what Muse stands for and we love what Darcie and Debby have done for the local scene.”

The Cold Year’s music features aggressive, narrative lyrics. Skaggs hopes concert goers will be able to take it all in. “When we perform we want people to feel introspective. We want people to think about what it is doing sonically and lyrically. My music is very story driven so I want people to hear it and think – and maybe appreciate their life a bit more.”

The Cabin Project, an orchestral synth rock band passing through Provo on tour from Portland, OR, will join them. Queenadilla will also be performing. The show is Saturday, March 19th, at Muse Music on Center Street in Provo. Tickets are $7 at the door. Doors open at 8PM. Check out “The Guillotine” by The Cold Year below.


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