Shows This Week (7/5/2016 – 7/9/2016)

See which of your favorite bands are playing shows in Utah Valley this week.

Velour Live Music Gallery

Velour is closed this week.

Muse Music

Thursday, July 7th, The Receiver from Columbus, Ohio and Sailor Swift will perform at Muse Music.

Friday, July 8th, Muse will welcome Soft Limbs, Batty Blue, and Sam Vicari from Chicago, Illinois.

Saturday, July 9th, Conquer Monster, Eminent Sol, Spirit City, and Tarot Death Card will perform on the biggest bill of the week.

Tickets to these shows are $7 at the door. Doors open at 8PM every night.

Gezzo Hall

As of the writing of this article, Gezzo Hall has not announced any shows for this week.

The Wall

July 8th and 9th from 8AM to 5PM, the BYU Commercial Music Program will be hosting a Commercial Music Expo. The days will be filled with performances from BYU students, graduates, and professors. Classes will also be taught on songwriting and recording techniques. A closing concert will be held from 6 to 7:30PM on the 9th featuring musicians from the expo. To register and attend the event for free, visit the expo registration website here

Audio West Recording Studio & Event Center

As of the writing of this article, Audio West has not announced any shows for this week.

While you’re waiting for these shows to start, make sure to listen to “We’re All Insane” – the new, politically charged single from Spirit City.


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