The Latest Gray Glass Music Video

“With eyes wide shut,” Grey Glass takes another step.

By Richard Provost

Ernie Ball guitar strings are used by guitarists all over the world.

For those of you who missed it, last December Grey Glass released a power-house of a music video to their song “O.C.D.”, receiving some 16,000 views on Facebook.  Produced by Omar Juvenal Trejo, Brad Hill, and Grey Glass themselves, the video portrays the band, clothed in paint suits and bizarre box masks, as they seemingly explore a day in the life of a paint-ready cardboard-headed man. It’s nothing short of entertaining as the band quickly goes from squeaky clean to absolutely covered in a spectacular variety of paint colors. Add some obligatory instrument smashing scenes, and you’ve got a recipe for just the disaster we all want to see.

Klos Guitars is headquartered right here in Provo.

Grey Glass has been boldly stepping into the limelight over the last several months with their EP release last July and their win at Velour’s Winter 2016 Battle Of The Bands. We can only anticipate greatness as this band looks to the future with its continually increasing momentum.

Be sure to like Grey Glass on Facebook and check out their video for “O.C.D.” below!


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