The Moth & The Flame Recently Released a New Single And It’s Beautiful

Writing this type of song requires a certain type of tenacity.

By Jordan Ottesen

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There aren’t many songs that I listen to on repeat in my car. I’m sure you understand how I feel when the radio overplays a song and nearly kills it in the process. “Simple” – the newest single from The Moth & The Flame – can be played for hours on end and never get old. This gem of a song is a breathtaking combination of an acoustic love ballad mixed with an incredibly soothing folk-like lullaby.

Musically, this song captures you from the get go. It begins with Brandon Robbins softly singing along to an acoustic guitar. The whole intro feels raw, and intimate, as if it’s a home recording. Then, right at 0:30 Brandon sings in falsetto: “There is no way you can understand.” This haunting line is coupled with intricate finger picking on guitar, swimming in reverb. The “home-recording” vibe immediately leaves and is replaced with a very full and well produced sound.

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At 1:00 the guitars drop off and the singing continues with an organ. The percussion isn’t present throughout the entire song (at least, not with a traditional drum kit). However, the beat is certainly felt as the rhythmic finger picking is engraved into your mind. At one point in the song, (1:21) the organ stops while Robbins is left singing a capella. “It’s always been so simple, loving you,” he croons, and then the song gradually builds again into the chorus. The construction of the song keeps the listener interested by dropping off and building at the appropriate times. I mentioned that it was a lullaby type feel; not one that puts you to sleep, per se, but rather relaxes you, or refocuses you on what’s important.

Not only does the music speak to the heart, but the lyrics are very well written. It’s incredibly hard to write a love song that ranks low on the “cheesy scale.” Writing this type of song requires a certain type of tenacity. Sure, being vulnerable is hard for every songwriter, but Robbins’ lyrics show maturity by the way they’re delivered. As a listener, I believed and related to every word.

The Moth & The Flame have always impressed me, and have always captivated the audience at every show I’ve attended. Their ability to incorporate alternative progressions into a synth-pop vibe connects incredibly well with listeners in both alternative and rock-pop genres. If you haven’t already, check out this single. Share it with your friends, your family, and most importantly—your loved ones.


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