Album Review: Stuck in the Middle by SiDizen King

It’s not only what he says, but how he says it.

By Richard Provost

Arvo. Utah’s watchmaker.

SiDizen King’s newest single and album, Stuck in the Middle, is anything but stuck in the middle. In fact, it’s actually trending on Spotify’s US viral 50 chart. This album is definitely one of my all time faves. With ties to Provo, Sid recently relocated to LA and has been dominating the hip-hop world.

SiDizen King has released single after single for the last two years, and has really started to get some traction. Many of his singles have caught attention on Hype Machine – reaching No. 1 in 2016 -, and continue to make waves in the Provo and LA hip-hop scene.

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I became an instant fan after hearing his remix of “Coming Over,” by Kygo and Dillon Francis. His lyrics are way beyond your typical hip-hop verse. Sid pulls you in with a catchy hook, riff or chorus, then relates a story in the most rhythmic fashion. SiDizen King has a way of delivering his lyrics with an incredible amount of style. In his case, it’s not only what he says, but how he says it. You can totally sense that he’s completely confident around a mic. Each word and each rhyme is articulated to perfection. Unlike most rappers, SiDizen King’s vocals are incredibly versatile. Rather than flat lining his verses, they’re pumped up with intensity by completely changing his tone, voice and style. His rapping and vocal abilities are definitely on par with the greats. Of course, some of the credit goes to his producers. Casualkimono has created a cool 90’s hip-hop vibe while reinventing the electro-hop genre.

SiDizen King.
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This EP is an epic collection of art that displays Sid’s creativity, versatility, and the subtle nuances of electro hip-hop. The first track pulls you in and keeps you listening. SiDizen King’s lyrics are easy to relate to, and his music sticks in your head.”Eye for an Eye” (track No. 5 on the EP) is a groovy remix which focuses on The Strike’s massive pop-funk sound with a heavy-hitting hip-hop vibe.  

The final song on the EP, “One Day,” was released about six months before the EP release. Garnering serious attention on Hype Machine, “One Day” is a song about a dreamer. This dreamer is determined to do what he loves, and to make his dream a reality.

“Headed for the city of stars and evergreen, you can sleep on the boy, but you’ll never ever kill the dream.”

Such a stellar track and last chapter of this EP. In a way, this dream was realized by the accomplishment of such a solid EP. Would I refer this EP to a friend? You bet– 100%.

So, do yourself a favor by following him on Instagram and Facebook. SiDizen King’s album is out now on Spotify, iTunes, and everything in between!


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