Two Brothers Launch SoundStory, a New Music Company In Provo

“We don’t want money to decide how well you can tell your story… this is stock music for any budget.”

By Richard Provost

Arvo. Utah’s watchmaker.

Have you ever searched the internet to find a stock music sample, or a free song that will fit your creative project perfectly? If you’re anything like us, you’ve searched in vain – finding only weird off-colored 90’s music – that doesn’t really fit. Finding quality stock music can be quite difficult when music or instrumental sounds aren’t really your forte.

Thankfully, SoundStory is here to help. For all videographers, photographers, artists, or any other type of creative, SoundStory is a Provo-based online company that specializes in creating superlative beats, melodies and rhythms tailored to your creative project; and unlike most stock music companies, SoundStory provides music at a very reasonable price for unlimited use on any of your projects. As co-founder Kyson Kidd puts it, “We don’t want money to decide how well you can tell your story… this is stock music for any budget.”

SoundStory co-founder Kyson Kidd.
Skull Candy headphones are designed in Park City, UT.

Brothers Caleb and Kyson Kidd have been writing music together for most of their lives–and have nearly perfected their trade. Together, they are launching their company SoundStory, and they need our help to get things going. As explained in their Indiegogo video, their goal is to reach $9,000 in order to buy the gear and equipment necessary for running this business. Not only is this a great idea, but the Kidd brothers really know what they’re doing. Nothing less than the best quality songs that custom fit your project needs.

Check out SoundStory on Facebook, take a look at their campaign on here on Indiegogo, and please, help the brothers out!

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