Album Review: “No More Nightmares” by RKDN

With five new tracks, RKDN trades in some of the throbbing EDM synths of “Silver” for more shimmering alt rock guitar hooks.

By Emmett Florence

After months of being held back by a bad management deal, RKDN has finally broken free and released their fittingly titled EP, No More Nightmares. Included in the EP is the previously released viral single “Silver,” along with five additional brand new tracks. Trust us, these songs were well worth the wait.

No More Nightmares casts a wide sonic net, drawing elements from Coldplay, Depeche Mode, The xx, Imagine Dragons, The Killers and Provo’s very own Neon Trees. Overall, the songwriting, vocals, and production quality on this EP are all mind blowingly good for a local artist. These are flawless, professional, radio-ready recordings. Don’t be surprised when this stuff blows up on Spotify in a few weeks and catapults RKDN into the national music scene.

If you haven’t already heard it, the opening track “Silver” is a straight up banger. Matt Orr’s rich vocals, and Clark Wiesenberg’s shining synths, combine to forge a pulsating sing-along dance floor anthem that you won’t be able to get enough of.

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With the five new tracks, RKDN trades in some of the throbbing EDM synths of Silver for more shimmering alt rock guitar hooks. The resulting tracks have all the glimmer and glitz of their predecessor, but are reinforced with a robust rock sound that is intricate, soulful, rugged, and totally beautiful. The title track, “No More Nightmares,” and track three, “Soldier,” are especially memorable.

Go listen to this EP. The entire thing. Local music simply doesn’t get any better than this.

Follow them here, and check out their EP on Spotify. You can hear “Soldier” below.


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