10 Provo Bands We Miss Dearly

In a college town like ours, good bands come and go. Here’s who we miss most.

By The Reach Provo Editorial Team

Provo’s music scene has been vibrant for a decent amount of time now, but with the fluidity of a college town like Provo, inevitably there will be bands that go the way of the dodo. Here’s a list of 10 bands that we absolutely adore and we either haven’t heard much from them over the past few years, or they formally announced their disbanding.

10) Tighty Willis and the Friends Forever Band

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That’s right, we’re starting this list off with a real quirky one. A band formed by Gregory Barnes and Colin Hatch (June Cat, The New Electric Sound) Tight Willis and the Friends Forever Band played upbeat indie rock that would make any Matt & Kim fan smile from ear to ear. They were a Muse Music Cafe favorite back when Muse was just a couple doors down from Velour. Though maybe it’d be better stated as “back when Muse was.

9) 4th East Flood

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This one was flash in the pan if ever there was one. Only a few years ago this band started gigging around town and they showed a lot of promise, giving Festive People a run for their money during prelims at Velour’s 2015 Winter Battle of the Bands. 4th East Flood was composed of several BYU music students who had an affinity for jazz. They blended jazz and pop in a way that seemed destined for the radio, but didn’t stay together long enough to really gain any traction. Original lead singer Rachel Brockbank is currently pursuing her solo career under the stage name Tishmal.

Rachel Brockbank/Tishmal, formerly of 4th East Flood.
A product from Taylor Maid, located on Center Street in Provo.

8) Gothen


Gothen was one of the few acts around town willing to take a stab at Baroque Rock. Blending acoustic instrumentation ranging from the simple acoustic guitar and upright piano, to robust compositions of brass, winds, and strings, Gothen was an act that felt remarkably close to the likes of Beirut.

7) Spirit City

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This was a recent disbanding, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Spirit City was a dance rock group comparable to bands like Fictionist, MisterWives, and COIN. Their later releases were lyrically unique, focusing on philosophical and political topics. They built a studio in Pleasant Grove and seemed to be growing into a more permanent fixture right before announcing their conclusion.

6) Robert & The Carrolls

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Robert & The Carrolls were one of the stronger bands around town during the rise of Imagine Dragons and ultimately lived in their shadow for it. Their sound was charming, combining elements of folk and pop in a way that just about any listener could enjoy.

If analog is your thing, Studebaker makes excellent modern tape players with a retro look.

5) Bat Manors


A chamber folk band that didn’t shy away from indulging in mellotrons and phasers, Bat Manors displayed some incredible vocal harmonies and instrumental compositions that invoked feelings of nostalgia and longing. Adam Klopp continues making music with his new project Choir Boy.

In true Bat Manors fashion, this is a blurry Polaroid.
One of the least expensive ways to listen to vinyl.

4) Red Yeti


The disbanding of the rock and roll group Red Yeti was a bit unexpected. They had landed a deal with Mountain Dew, had their song on an Altra Running Shoe commercial, and were beginning to work with bigger producers outside of Provo, but as band members began graduating from BYU’s school of business, they felt strongly that they needed to take their careers in different directions and the band slowly dissolved. Frontman Kimball Barker attempted to rebuild the band, but the new lineup didn’t last long and the band quietly ended.

3) Pändo

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Pändo had a way with vocal melodies the way Shakespeare had a way with words. Harmonies were seamless and the composition supported it expertly. There aren’t too many piano driven bands around town and it was sad to see this band close the book.

2) Quiet House

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Now to be fair, Quiet House is still in operation. Sort of. Stuart Wheeler will occasionally play a Quiet House set if the opportunity presents itself, but the full magic of Quiet House with a complete string quartet, organ, and drums hasn’t been seen live for decent amount of time. The last record released was in 2015 and it seems fair to assume Quiet House fans are feeling a bit starved for more content.

1) Parlor Hawk

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Parlor Hawk was a true artist of composition, utilizing unique instrumentation and making time signature changes feel totally natural. Many of the members are still actively involved in music with acts such as Móomat, Polytype, Haarlem, and most notably Loud Harp.

There’s our list of 10 bands that we miss dearly. We’re certain there are hundreds of other acts that deserve a good old fashioned salute, so feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments.


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