Discussing Alpine Loop’s New Single And Capturing Nostalgia

See what Caleb McBride and brothers Logan and Brian Casper have to say about their song “Fire Escape.”

By Jordan Ottesen

Alpine Loop is Provo’s resident pop/punk band. Their energetic, bombastic music showcases some of the best that Provo’s punk scene has to offer. The band recently released “Fire Escape” – their first new music since 2015’s Living The Dream. I spoke with the band about the single and their upcoming full length album.


Who wrote your new single “Fire Escape?” What’s the inspiration behind it?

Logan Casper: “Fire Escape” was written by Brian [Casper], the second oldest of the three brothers and the bass player in Alpine Loop.

Brian Casper: “Fire Escape” is about starting fresh. Sometimes you experience so much heartache or dejection that the only logical thing to do is burn everything down and start again. Sometimes you have to figure out what’s weighing you down in your life and cut it out completely, then use the experience to become a better, happier person. I guess the song is about self respect, because I think everyone deserves to be treated well, both by others and by themselves.

Brian Casper

When is your album coming out? What can we expect from it?

Logan Casper: Our debut album is set to release in the early winter of 2019. We all grew up on pop-punk and musically are aiming to mimic and bring back the classic, up-beat, guitar riff driven, and catchy choruses of our favorite bands. Some of our musics’ inspirations include bands like Blink 182, ADTR, Hedley, New Found Glory, and Fall Out Boy. While we hope to create high energy songs that you can head-bang to, we also understand the important and serious undertones of what punk stands for and specifically what it stands for now in 2019. The world needs pop-punk more than ever.

Caleb McBride: I think the album has a lot more maturity than our previous record. We are tackling more serious topics such as depression, coping with adult life and how it isn’t all that it was promised to be. Also the stigmas of breaking the status quo to find your individuality.

What has been your experience in Provo as a Punk-Rock band? How do you feel your music/genre is received? 

Caleb McBride: We have truly been blessed in our time as a Punk band here in Provo. Thankfully we have gathered a steady following of like-minded individuals, at least in a musical sense. Not only do we receive support at our shows from family and friends but also faces from previous shows who want to see more. Hell, that’s even how I came to be in the band! At our shows I think we carry a heavy nostalgia factor for a lot of people. The music we write are the songs we grew up listening to as teenagers. Back then these songs were also popular to the older kids and it is still surprising to see a grown man moshing and dancing in the pit! We hear comments like “You guys sound like Blink-182 or New Found Glory!” and think it’s just a huge compliment! All in all our shows are fun for the audience AND for us, and that’s the goal!  Long story short, I think we are pretty well received!

Caleb McBride

What has been your experience with other Punk bands in the area? What other local Punk bands would you recommend?

Logan Casper: It’s been good! In fact, we’ve had the chance to meet and play with bands much better than ourselves. That’s amazing because every time we learn a little something from them. The Punk scene is small but charismatic with truly great musicians and fun personalities. We’ve really enjoyed playing with bands like Untamed Engine, Footlight Parade, The Departure, New Primals, and many more.

Is there anything you wish would change about Punk in Provo?

Logan Casper

Logan Casper: Since the pop-punk genre has been lately flying so far under the radar with the “younger” folk, it does become challenging to get that youthful energy which has spring-boarded so many artists to popularity. While veteran pop-punk listeners love the nostalgia of our music, the songs we’ve released until now haven’t been able to grip the “younger” listeners. From my experience at most local punk shows that tends to be the case. The challenge is to find ways to make our music nostalgic for our core fans, but also new enough to attract those amazing millennial personalities.

Any last words for our readers?

Logan Casper: Punk music is about being a part of something bigger than the status quo. It’s the idea of protesting people in the world that are so self-absorbed that they forget to treat other people like human beings. Doesn’t the world need punk music to make a comeback?

Make sure to like Alpine Loop on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@alpine_loop_official) and on Spotify. You can check out “Fire Escape” below!


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