Rob Speiser Discusses “Ancestors” and The BrightSlide’s Evolution

“Before it felt like I was trying to fit the Provo mold and now I just don’t care.”

By Jordan Ottesen

The BrightSlide released several singles this year, but “Ancestors” in particular is striking. Its cinematic scope stands as a testament to the power of indie folk in Provo. I spoke with lighthearted frontman Rob Speiser about the new song and how he’s grown as a musician over the years in the scene.

You’ve fronted several bands before The BrightSlide (namely Cephas, and Bandit). How has your music evolved over time? What lessons did you learn from past projects?

My music has certainly evolved into the sound that I enjoy the most. Before it felt like I was trying to fit the Provo mold and now I just don’t care. And I wouldn’t say this is only my music, because we as a band decide everything. It’s a mutual thing.

What’s the story behind your latest band name?

The story behind our band name is based along the lines of looking on the bright side of things. But that is also meant to be ironic because of our lyrics and how serious they are. And it’s also an acronym that we don’t talk about. Band secrets, ya know?

[Laughs] What’s inspired your latest single “Ancestors?”

One day I had this overwhelming urge to be a stronger person. That urge was inspired by an ancestral picture by my bedside.

What are some of the greatest difficulties you guys face as a band?

Well, as a band we struggle with blending in. Mainly because we all have one of those faces that makes you go “Fetch me! You are HOT!”

Where do you see yourself as a musician in the next 5 years?

Touring. Creating bigger and better shows. Creating awesome music. Still having one of those hot faces.

Make sure to like The BrightSlide on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@thebrightslide). You can listen to “Ancestors” below.


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