Velour’s Battle of the Bands Returns

After a lengthy 16 month Velour closure, this Provo music scene staple is finally back.

By Zach Collier

Year in and year out, Velour’s Battle of the Bands has been crucial to incubating talent in the Provo music scene. While other local music scenes across the country struggle to book quality acts, each night of Velour’s Battle of the Bands is curated to feature the best rising talent in the valley. You’d be hard pressed to find this many quality shows in one week anywhere else. After missing three Battle of the Bands competitions during a lengthy 16 month Velour closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’re glad it’s finally happening again.

This week, Velour Live Music Gallery announced the lineup for their Winter 2021 Battle of the Bands. After listening to over 60 demo submissions, they chose the following acts:


Monday 12/6

  1. Vase Cameo
  2. Homestyle Dinner Rolls
  3. Chloë Mae & JoJosiah
  4. With Andrea

Tuesday 12/7

  1. The Sols
  2. Chichi Le Mot
  3. Poolhouse
  4. No Bad Ideas

Wednesday 12/8

  1. Terrell Thomas & The Niños
  2. Sweet Tangerine
  3. No Such Animal
  4. Beeson

Thursday 12/9

  1. Sunfish
  2. Nicole McMahan
  3. Kin Lodge
  4. Basement Waves

Friday 12/10

  1. Cardinal Bloom
  2. Bly Wallentine
  3. Welcome Home Sundance
  4. MJ Wood

Saturday 12/11
Finalists TBD

Each night has some standout bands on the bill. Chi Chi Le Mot is fronted by Dallin Major – an incredible vocalist and guitarist whose voice sounds like a mix between Rob Thomas and Passenger. Terrell Thomas is an equally talented vocalist, & the Niños are an established backing band that has earned a solid reputation over the last few years for their musicality and vintage sound. Kin Lodge is Provo’s Bon Iver: ethereal, soul stirring, and criminally underrated.


This week also has a strong showing from the growing number of female fronted bands in the scene. Beeson and Nicole McMahan are musical femme fatales. McMahan’s “Aphrodisiac” is the 90’s Paula Abdul throwback track we didn’t know we needed, and Beeson’s “syrup” was the bop of the summer.

There are also a lot of names on the bill I’m unfamiliar with. The pandemic brought on a musical hiatus that I haven’t experienced in my 10 years in Provo. I’m definitely expecting to walk away with some new favorites, and shocking outcomes next month are guaranteed.

Velour’s Battle of the Bands is happening December 6th through December 11th next week. Doors open every night at 8PM, with shows starting around 8:30PM. Tickets are $7 at the door (cash only). Make sure to like Velour Live Music Gallery on Facebook to find out who will be performing in the finals.

While you’re waiting for Battle of the Bands to start, check out “Aphrodisiac (feat. Liawe.)” by Nicole McMahan.


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