Analog Provo Is Now Part of Provo Music Magazine

We now have an unparalleled look at what the Provo music scene was like in 2015.


By Zach Collier

As the voice of the Provo music scene, we take our job seriously. While our current staff of over 20 freelancers is hard at work documenting what’s going on today, our publication is built on the meticulous efforts of the dozens of writers and amateur historians who have come before.

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We’re a spiritual successor to sites like Reach Provo, Provo Buzz, and Provo Music Guide. All of the founders and past editors of these sites have given us generous access to their archives. Thanks to them, we now have a centralized record of Provo music history dating back to 2009.

While our efforts to find and centralize Provo music history are ongoing, today we’re pleased to announce that the Analog Provo archives are now available on Founded by Davis Blount in 2015, Analog Provo ran independently for over a year, interviewing several notable acts of the day including New Shack, Jessica Frech, a young Mojave Nomads, and more. Blount also captured Amber Lynn’s victory during the Summer 2015 Battle of the Bands at Velour Live Music Gallery. He eventually moved on, providing guest features for The Ticket – a local entertainment publication that ran as part of The Daily Herald.

This article brought to you by generous local sponsors.

Blount is currently establishing a law career, having passed the Bar Exam this last October. Aside from being wicked smart and incredibly driven, Blount is also an established musician himself. You wouldn’t know it, but he’s a bit of a celebrity in the Philippines. He’s a member of Hey Joe Show, a YouTube channel and music group that rose to viral fame in the country for making humorous and catchy music in Cebuano.

Thanks to Blount, we now have an unparalleled look at what the Provo music scene was like in 2015. We’re also fortunate that he’s continuing to write about Provo music. You may have seen his recent album review of Jenn Blosil’s This Feels Like Healing. If not, you should read it.

Blount performing his hit song “My Morena Girl” with Hey Joe Show
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We’re grateful to Davis Blount for his efforts to continue to build the local scene and to bring national attention to the music being made here.

“The tight-knit music community here in Provo has managed to challenge trends,” Blount said in 2015. “Growth among Provo-based artists relies on building a local fan base and providing artists with a place that they can truly call home. The ‘next big thing’ is here in our midst.”

Keep an eye out for future album reviews by Davis Blount. You can watch a speech he gave at Brigham Young University about his experiences with Analog Provo below.


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