BYU Says Goodbye to the HFAC

After 57 years, the facility will be demolished and rebuilt.


By Mike Romero

Last week, BYU announced that the Harris Fine Arts Center will be demolished upon completion of the new Music Building. Construction on a new building will last nearly 3 years, beginning in 2023 and ending by fall semester 2025.

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The Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) has served BYU, the larger Provo community, and visitors from around the world for 57 years. Built in 1965, it pre-dates a lot of the art programs BYU now offers, including film, animation, design, and photography. While the HFAC has evolved over the years to provide functional spaces for these new disciplines, the new art building will provide proper space and equipment instead of being merely functional.

For example, the theatre arts students will have adequate backstage space. Film students will have proper film studios and screening rooms. Patron traffic flow will be better managed, and art will have a home in new galleries.

Ahead of demolition, BYU’s arts programs are relocating to the former Provo High School on University Avenue.


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