Album Review: Overzealous EP by Foreign Figures

The band has cultivated their sound further in the years since this EP’s release. In retrospect, this has proven a solid jumping off point for the group.


By Luke Sheffer

Alt rock band Foreign Figures’ settles into a steady sound with their 2018 EP Overzealous. They had had a couple warm ups before this EP including a 2015 cover of Adele’s “Hello” and their 2016 album Paradigm (unfortunately, Paradigm is no longer on streaming but is a great recording nonetheless). But Overzealous is a pistol pop that starts an exciting listening journey.


There are albums that only belong in one scenario, leaving the listener with a single vibe. This isn’t one of those albums. While every song is authentically Foreign Figures, there is great versatility among the tracks. For example, the anthemic pumping of “The Fever,” uplifting message of “Heart of Gold,” and the brutal emotional ballad “Hey Love.” There is truly something for everyone there.


Whenever I find myself in the gym, “The Fever” always seems to find its way into my headphones – it belongs there. It features an infectious melody and pumping beat perfect for pumping iron. I’ve never slowed down listening to that song. It demands speed and power. I really love the percussive, glassy, metallic sounds featured during the chorus. I truly feel the fever.


The production on this record was extremely well done. EJ Michel’s voice drives every song to the finish line. The songwriting is good, but the structure is somewhat predictable, following the traditional pop format closely. However, the band has cultivated their sound further in the years since this EP’s release, so in retrospect this predictability has proven a solid jumping off point for the group.

Overall, this was a moving project. The band knows how to craft ear worms and tug heart strings. Their songs are great for the gym or for background music during a gathering with friends. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and listen to “The Fever” below.


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