Album Review: Flatline by Sophie Blair

This album is unique, inviting, and a deep dive into what it feels like to be human.


By Elaina Knight

Sophie Blair, the self-proclaimed “chaotic songwriter,” has been releasing original music since 2020. After what looked like a clear path to a classical music career, Sophie took a different route. Since her change to a pop-based performance style, she has released two EPs and one single. Although newer to the music scene, Sophie is nothing short of a seasoned performer with poetic lyrics and powerful vocals. 


In the EP Flatline, Sophie creates an environment where listeners can expect to become immersed in a rich mix of folk and electro-pop instrumentals paired with warm and inviting vocals. Rather than conforming to a typical album flow, Sophie is experimental with her tracklist. The album begins with a traditional folk sound that relies on strong instrumentals, obscure lyrics, and a staccato vocal performance. As the first track ends, the album uses staccato strings to flow into Sophie’s more electro-pop-influenced music. The album is unique, inviting, and a deep dive into what it feels like to be human.  


While the EP is full of powerful ballads and dance-worthy beats, the track that stands out as my favorite goes to “Close Quarters.” This ballad-y love song has lyrics that express a type of love not often entertained by other artists. It beautifully combines the folk and pop influence of the EP to create a piece of art that an article cannot do justice explaining. It expresses intense feelings of pride, adoration, and awe. Sophie’s sentiments of, “I’m sorry for holding my breath, but you take it away” perfectly express the impact of this song. The beauty and artistry of “Close Quarters” will leave you gasping for air, clinging to every note as if your life depended on it.

Throughout the EP, certain styles beautifully highlight Blair’s vocals, such as “Close Quarters” and “AFTER THE STORM.” In future releases, I would love to see Sophie creating more music like the tracks mentioned above. Her powerful vocals deserve more of a spotlight and seem to fit best in her electro-pop/experimental pop-folk music. Rather than relying on unique backtracks, Sophie should take advantage of her biggest assets. Layered vocals and harmony only enhance the music Sophie creates, and I would love to see her use these things even more in the future. 

Sophie may be newer to the Provo music scene, but I would not be surprised for her to be a commonly known local artist in the near future. Her lyrics are powerful, her music is unique and engaging, and the overall flow of her EP just makes sense. Sophie and Flatline are bound for serious success. Both are a must-add to your summer night and chill playlists. To keep track of new releases from Blair, make sure to follow Sophie on Instagram. You can listen to “Close Quarters” below!


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