September 2022 Release Roundup

Hot off the press: 7 solid local tracks.


By Mike Romero

Not sure what’s in the water, but it feels like everyone and their dog decided to release music at the same time. Lucky for those of us in the Provo music scene, everyone and their dog is really good at music around here. Here’s some of the freshest Utah music around.

RIP Cassette just dropped their self-titled EP. Smooth, groovy, indie rock, it features standout singles like “Figure It Out” and “Bones,” plus “Sharp Teeth,” a collaboration with Le Country Club.

“I Am Free” may be the best track from .With the Strangers. yet. A nice blend of rap, hip hop, and R&B, eclectic samples with experimental textures and sparse drums wrap effortlessly around a solid lyrical flow.

An anthemic rock track, you’ll find yourself singing along to this new track from The Starkillers. “Are You Thinking Of Me” is 00’s alt with a modern flare. The toms are HUGE.

(Continues below)


Scott Lippitt is like if Elliott Smith did pop music. His hushed, doubled vocals populate “Insight In Time” – a chill, reflective track with driving, acoustic textures. This track would have been included in an episode of Scrubs for sure.

The first track from Suchii’s new EP Summer On Venus, this is a sparkly pop ode to chunky white Fila shoes and the cute people who inhabit them. For fans of The Weeknd.

Poolhouse’s plans for 2023 are massive. This kinetic song is the lead single from their upcoming EP, Tape Machine. The catchy chorus of “Sour” is complimented nicely by some unique guitar textures and fuzzy bass.

The first single from locals Comply or Evict, “Underwater” is sure to please fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. It oscillates between quiet guitar + vocal soli sections and massive full band breakdowns.


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