Noah Patterson: As Sweet As A Tangerine

“It doesn’t fit. But in that sense, it does speak.”


By Julia Brunette

Noah Patterson found inspiration for his band’s name from a poem. “It said you’re as sweet as a tangerine,” Patterson says. “And I thought that would have been a cool song name. But then we’re coming up as a band. I just put it out there, and we liked it. Even though it sounds funny now because like our music is like kind of more sad and stuff. So it doesn’t fit. But in that sense, it does speak.”


Patterson is the lead singer and primary songwriter for the Utah-based band. The band tends to lean more on the rock side, with elements you often hear in heavier or sad music. Sweet Tangerine released an EP earlier this year called Go Away I Want To Listen To My Songs. 

“I got the name for the EP from Apple Music,” Patterson says. “I was going through different girls that follow me on there. And I was just seeing what their playlists’ names were called. And some girl had that as a playlist name. I thought it was cool. It’s got three songs on it that are definitely heavier than all our other stuff. But I’m really happy with how they turned out.”

Noah Patterson (Right) performing at The Basement in Rexburg, ID. Photo by Julia Brunette.

Patterson says the band formed during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. His favorite part of being in the band is performing and songwriting. He takes inspiration from other bands and movie soundtracks. His favorite song on the latest EP is called, “I Liked It Better When We Were Friends.”

Patterson explains that he writes a lot of the music but works with the other members of the band to add elements and create a sound that fits well with everyone. He also explains that with every song there is a message that he is sharing with his audience. In much of his writing, he pulls from his personal experiences and relationships. When he is performing live, he often shares the stories behind the songs with the audience. 

“When we’ve played in Salt Lake or Provo, where we’re from, I’ve seen we have our own little following now,” Patterson says. “You see the same kid showing up to your shows. And then when people are singing your song back, it’s super strange. Like, it’s cool. You know, like thinking that you wrote that in your bedroom… But then other people now know those words… it’s weird. But it’s awesome.”

Patterson is now currently on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For now, the band is on break, but who knows what will happen when Patterson returns. They made quite an impact during Velour’s Winter 2021 Battle of the Bands, with Patterson’s voice being described as the best vocal performance of the night. A reunion upon his return would be very nice.

Until then, you can follow them on Instagram and check out “I Liked It Better When We Were Friends” below.


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