Merry Christmas from Provo Music Magazine

A special message from our team.


To our friends in Provo and beyond:


It’s been a whirlwind year. Since we launched last December, has been read by over 25,000 people. We printed over 35,000 copies of Provo Music Magazine which have hit shelves, counters, and doorsteps all over Utah Valley. We met countless artists, business owners, and instrument manufacturers in the Deseret region and have been blown away by the hard work and dedication they all bring to our community.

At the close of 2022 we can truthfully say that we are excited by the continued development of the Utah music scene, spearheaded in large part by Provo artists. This year, The Backseat Lovers played Jimmy Kimmel; Superbloom Music Festival welcomed major national acts to the state; Velour is starting to show up more frequently in music videos by non-Provo artists; labels like UPHERE! Records are consistently pumping out excellent albums; and efforts like Garden City Live, Buzzards & Bees, ForkFest, and Provo Writer’s Round are providing meaningful and unique new concert-going experiences.


We could keep listing the hundreds of cool people and projects happening in the scene today, but you get the picture. We’re confident that by fostering a scene of collaboration and organization, Provo can become the music capital of the Mountain West. It won’t happen overnight, but if we keep loving and supporting each other, we’ll get there.

The spirit of charitable giving so common during the holidays is familiar to Provo artists and Provo music fans who share that spirit of giving with each other year round. We’re confident that 2023 will be even brighter, kinder, and more successful than previous years.

We’ll leave you with some wonderful music from Provo locals. We hope this music inspires you and brightens your day. May the blessings of the season rest upon your homes, and may your hearts be light.

Merry Christmas,
The Provo Music Magazine Team


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