Album Review: Timing by Angie Petty

This short, sweet, sonic landscape leaves the listener asking for more. And more music from Angie Petty is all I can hope for.


By Ethan James Young

If you have been to a coffee shop or a bar sometime this past year, you might have listened to this artist’s music already without even knowing it. With such strong songwriting that even a simple, clean, electric guitar and a silky smooth voice alone strums the heart strings, Angie Petty ups the ante on some of her older and newer songs with full, powerful arrangement on her Neo-Soul/R&B album Timing.


Mostly focusing on self-love with a few traditional love songs sprinkled in, Timing is a perfect balance of old school soul to the more synthetic versions of modern R&B. Compared to other artists of the same genre, Angie Petty gives me almost a Snoh Aalegra vibe, but I’m not sure if that’s even a good comparison due to Angie Petty’s own unique take on Neo-Soul music.


It is hard to pick the best song on Timing because all of the performances are extremely well done. This album has almost no skips. Regardless, one song keeps sticking out to me. The more I hear “Feel It All,” the more I feel.

“Feel It All” is a sort of spiritual song about finding understanding and peace with your own emotions. The music of the song matches marvelously with the message. For instance, the pre chorus swells in parallel to the overwhelming feelings of the lyrics. Once the chorus hits, the song explodes as Angie Petty commands herself (or perhaps the universe) to truly be in the moment and “Feel It All.”

The musical talent on the record doesn’t end with Angie Petty. Jay Warren, another local powerhouse, provides a perfect fitted verse, adlibs, and harmonies. And dang, that saxophone solo by Candido Abeyta? So funky.


Despite the album being well paced, Timing has one slight “timing” issue. It’s too short. The album could have been twice as long and I wouldn’t have been bothered. This short, sweet, sonic landscape leaves the listener asking for more. And more music from Angie Petty is all I can hope for.

Make sure to follow Angie Petty on Instagram. You can listen to “Feel It All” below! 


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