Les Femmes Spotlight #10: Maren Gayle

See who’s playing tonight at Les Femmes De Velour.


Les Femmes De Velour is an eight-day celebration of female and female-fronted acts in the Provo music scene. To honor these incredible musicians, we’re highlighting one artist from each night.


Maren Gayle is a songwriter, producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Provo, Utah. She’s been behind the mixing board at June Audio for hundreds (if not thousands) of local mixes at this point, and her production and mixing knowledge inform her songwriting approach. That wealth of knowledge sets her apart from many of the other acts in the Provo music scene. Vocally, she’s reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie, but in a completely different genre: one that blends electronica, folk, and shoe gaze/post rock textures into something genuinely ethereal.

Her solo project began a little over a year ago with the release of her debut album. Gayle wrote, produced and played most of the parts on the record. Wanting to play live shows, she asked fellow locals if they’d be willing to back her. The first show went well, and they continued to play together – eventually putting on a breathtaking performance during this past December’s Winter Battle of the Bands at Velour. The band consists of Maren Gayle on keys, guitar, and vocals; Brandon Kitterman on lead guitar; Avery Davis on bass; and Stacie Fleischer on drums. They are currently working on their second album.

You can catch Maren Gayle at night 4 of Les Femmes De Velour on February 21 alongside Mowth, The What-Nots, and Lucy Chris. Tickets are on sale here. Make sure to follow Maren Gayle on Instagram and stream “Stars” below.


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