Album Review: I Was Asleep by Daytime Lover

“Ya like jazz?”


By Andy McFerren

A little over a year ago, Daytime Lover released their debut album, I Was Asleep. The band cites dream pop and shoegaze as influences for their music and this album. No disrespect to the band, but there’s not the haze that permeates most of shoegaze and even a majority of dream pop nowadays. Their sound is clear. The vocals are crisp. 


When I listen to I Was Asleep, I hear so many influences and genres. I hear a smorgasbord of indie art pop of the ‘90s, sleepy indie rock of the 2010s, good ole fashioned ‘70s rock and roll, and yes, even jazz. And it all combines to create one delightful, easy listening album. 

Now, when I say I hear a jazz influence, it’s like if indie had a baby with jazz. And the baby comes out and looks a helluva lot more like indie, but you can still see the jazz in there. Maybe through the eyes or the nose. Or maybe it’s their chin. The weird things one parent gives us when we look mostly like the other, but there’s something telling you that jazz was semi-responsible for this baby. 


This jazz influence is no more apparent than the song “Fishbone.” Maybe it’s something so simple as my normie ears hearing a saxophone solo that immediately causes me to lean on the bar with one elbow, smirk on my face, asking, “Ya like jazz?” There’s a reason that bee could pull. You can’t help but be charmed with a little doo wop number like “Leave my mind,” let alone a saxophone solo. 

Make sure to follow Daytime Lover on Instagram and listen to “Fishbone” below! 


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