RALLY To Release New Album & Explore Darker Sound

This record is for the people trying desperately to branch out but are scared to stray from what’s safe and comfortable. Their message? Take the leap.


By Zach Collier

On April 29, Provo indie darlings RALLY will drop the second half of their debut LP. Entitled Songs From A Hotel Room (Night Side), it’s the hotly anticipated sequel to their previous EP, Songs From A Hotel Room (Day Side). The band has made waves online with their lilting, upbeat indie rock anthems crafted specifically for summer drives up the coast.


The band consists of Alec Whitaker (vocals, guitar), Duncan McKay (bass), Mark Dressman (keys), and Sean Rostrom (drums). Although conceived as part of a broader whole, the album was split into two parts for a very specific reason.

“Thematically, we wanted this album to feel like a trip to your favorite destination,” says McKay. “You have your day activities and your night activities, so it felt natural to have that kind of contrast.”

Bassist Duncan McKay.

(Day Side) is certainly a more straight forward indie surf rock vibe than (Night Side). The new EP features darker, more introspective tones while still maintaining RALLY’s signature upbeat energy. Dressman (who also plays in RIP Cassette) joined the band in the middle of production, and his influence can be felt on this second half.


“We took in Mark [Dressman] and that’s what really helped kick off this second side,” says McKay. “I think of ’80s pop which was dominated by iconic synth lines, and to have him in to provide that edge is what really separates this side from the last.”

McKay believes each song ties together over a very specific idea. There are people who are trying desperately to branch out but are scared to stray from what’s safe and comfortable. “It’s really hard to leave that comfort and be vulnerable, but it’s worth the conversation I think,” he explains. “Whether that’s mental health, improving relationships with partners, friends and family, or even just doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do. I believe this album touches on that and each song presents a different and unique take on that concept.”

Frontman Alec Whitaker.

Frontman Alec Whitaker handled a lot of the production on the record from his home studio in Provo. The band also collaborated with the likes of Jake Rogers, Gavin McMahan, and Bryant Wilson. (Day Side) featured a collaboration with Drusky, trumpet work from Jansen Bueno, and guitar work from John Fisher.

RALLY will perform tomorrow, April 29, at Velour Live Music Gallery alongside TAG! and Antelope Island. Doors open at 8 PM. You can snag tickets online here.

Make sure to follow RALLY on Instagram and check out “Pretender” from the upcoming Songs From A Hotel Room (Night Side) below.


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