Album Review: In Transit by Drusky

The number of creative ways Drusky is able to throw insults at their wrongdoers is beyond impressive. And the music’s good, too.


By Andy McFerren

I love nothing more than watching Drusky live, singing songs of social commentary regarding the same people rocking out to her music. It’s ironic, it’s poetic, and it’s addictive. That’s why I make every effort to go see them play live when I can.


I am convinced that lead singer Mia Hicken watches every movie about a woman getting sweet revenge on any man who has wronged her and immediately goes into the studio. She approaches each verse with the ferocity of the Bride enacting revenge on Bill and the other members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. And rightfully so, because if her latest record is to be believed, Provo is filled with a litany of narcissistic, entitled pricks. 

Drusky’s Mia Hicken

Much like their first EP, (Hush Hush Secret Stuff), Drusky continues to sing indie rock songs about the struggles of dating in Provo on their second EP, In Transit. Only this time, Mia continues to improve on her ability to dunk on Provo bros who prove to be tools. If you don’t know what it’s like to date in Utah (specifically Provo) and/or Mormon culture, just listen to Drusky. After listening to their entire ten-song catalogue, you will understand it perfectly to the extent that you could write an entire doctoral dissertation on the subject. You don’t have to look further for an example than the lead single, “Holy Ghosting.”

“Don’t try to say you’re way too old when actually you’re just sad,” she quips in one of the verses. The number of creative ways Drusky is able to throw insults at their wrongdoers which burn longer and deeper than actually saying, “Eff you” is beyond impressive. It deserves an award. Like if Jo March or Elizabeth Bennet listened to Drusky, they’d be praising her for her tenacity, her bravery. 

She is the GOAT. She is leaving the free throw line—tongue out—yamming on people through clever lyrics over catchy melodies that dominate the EP so much that you almost forget how perfectly the rest of the band complements the vocals.


If there were an Unholy Trinity of women in the Utah scene I would never want to wrong because they would immortalize my douchebaggery in song, Mia would be at the top. I have been on the search for the other two members, and if anyone has suggestions, I would be open to hearing them. I think Anna Beck should be considered based on her song “Let’s Be Friends!”

Make sure to follow Drusky on Instagram. You can listen to “Holy Ghosting” below! You can read more of my thoughts on Drusky on Music Outlet Mall


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