Velour 10th Anniversary Celebration Continues

After a huge first show, Velour Live Music Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will follow up with an equally satisfying offering.

By Mike Romero

Tonight’s show at Velour Live Music Gallery featuring The National Parks, Westward The Tide, and Brumby has been the best selling show in Utah all week, and sold out in just a matter of days. Velour’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is off to an impressive start, and fans of Provo’s vibrant, burgeoning folk/americana scene will no doubt show up in large numbers for tonight’s offering.

This celebration won’t just be a flash in the pan. Velour has planned 8 straight weeks of all-star shows, featuring hot up and comers, old favorites, and rare one time reunions. Tomorrow, Velour is following up their folk-heavy opener with a synth rock show featuring RKDN, Static Waves, and Festive People. In just two days, the show has gone from the 10th best selling show in Utah to the 6th, according to

If you’re not listening on vinyl, you’re not really listening. Get a record player today.

“We are super excited and honored to be playing in honor of Velour’s 10 year anniversary,” says Cam Faerber, RKDN drummer and resident “band statistician” in a personal correspondence with Reach Provo. “The Velour has been such an important part of each of us developing as musicians and as a band.”

RKDN will be playing some tracks from their upcoming album. They’ll also be playing RKDN classics that have been around for years. “The show Saturday night is going to be an amazing show,” Faerber says. “We are good friends with Static Waves and Festive People, who are both amazingly talented bands. All three bands play with high energy, upbeat, danceable music so it will be a super fun night.”

Static Waves’ “Matter of Time” is available on vinyl for a limited time.

Just this past New Year’s Eve, RKDN performed in St. George, Utah’s Main Street shut down. “We loved playing down in St. George!” says Faerber. “It was warmer than Provo, we got some delicious food, played to an awesome crowd (including my parents who were all the way out from Duluth, Minnesota), and got to share the stage with GoldBoot – a duo out of Vegas.”

Arvo. Utah’s proud, fashionable watch maker.

Festive People are the most recent Velour Battle of the Bands winners. Frontman John Lane is known for his strong voice and passionate stage presence. Even as a solo artist playing in cafes in the valley, Lane put on a good show. Their music is driving, but relaxing, using synthesizer and guitar effects as a gentle layer of harmonic ambience over folky beats and acoustic guitar.

We gave the debut EP from Static Waves a great review, and they released an additional single, “Matter of Time” three months ago. The new single sounds like The 1975 performing the soundtrack to the Lava Reef stage on the Sega Genesis classic, Sonic and Knuckles (For the record, both The 1975 and the music from Sonic and Knuckles are fantastic). The new single will be available on vinyl while supplies last, so you better pick one up at the show.

The show is Saturday, January 9th at 8 PM. Tickets are available at or for $8 (cash only) at the door. Click here to listen to “Silver,” RKDN’s latest single, here to hear the Static Waves EP, or here for the Festive People EP – all courtesy of Spotify.

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