The New Electric Sound Revisits Old Material With Former Bassist

For one night only, Tom Brinton returns as bassist for The New Electric Sound.

By Richard Provost

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One of the coolest things about Velour’s 10th Anniversary Celebration has been the venue’s ability to reunite favorite local bands that used to play there. There are currently 14 reunions scheduled to happen over the next few weeks, some of them being Polytype, Eyes Lips Eyes, The New Nervous, Boots to the Moon, and Chasing Kings.

Former bassist Tom Brinton will don his cardigan once again tonight at Velour.

Tonight, The New Electric Sound will be performing with former bandmate Tom Brinton. While not an official reunion (The New Electric Sound has never broken up and has seen great success in California and other places along the west coast), this is still a big moment for the group and demonstrates just how loyal bandmates can be to each other, how music can strengthen friendships, and how performing together creates lasting memories.

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“Tom was one of the original members of the band and a big influence on our sound,” The New Electric Sound’s Nigel Goodwin told Reach Provo in a personal correspondence.  “He is a great musician and songwriter and brought a lot of technical knowledge to what we were doing. Since the theme of Velour’s 10th anniversary seems to be reunions of old bands, we thought it would be great to bring Tom back for a night and play our first album all the way through.”

Their first album was released on June 26, 2012. Since that time, The New Electric Sound has released three songs: free single “Maybe” on January 24, 2013, “This Girl” on January 20, 2015 (originally recorded in 2013 and released on a re-issue of their 2012 album), and new single “Lose Control” on May 4, 2015.

Album art for their debut LP.

A lot has changed for the band in the last four years since the album was released, but it’s been a great experience coming back to their older material. “We’ve loved having Colin Hatch as an addition,” says Goodwin. “He took over bass when Tom left, but it will be a really fun night playing all of our old songs with Tom again. Hopefully the crowd can sing along. We haven’t played many of these songs for a few years so that’s been in a challenge in itself – relearning our own songs.”

The New Electric Sound will perform tonight at Velour Live Music Gallery with The Love§trange, Deadtooth, and Mad Max & the Wild Ones. Tickets are $10.50 at and $10 at the door (cash only). Doors open at 8PM. This is currently the 3rd best selling show in Utah, so tickets are going fast. Get yours now.


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