Wish Granted Records Officially Launches This Week

After months of preparation and behind the scenes work, Wish Granted Records is finally making its official debut.

By Mike Romero

This Wednesday, Wish Granted Records is hosting its official launch party at Velour Live Music Gallery in downtown Provo. A startup founded by Grant Fry, Wish Granted Records has slowly been adding names to its roster of artists since December. Artists include soul/folk artist Michael Barrow, aspiring female vocalist Belle Jewel, synth rock act Kindred Dead, and most recently the hip hop/R&B artist Tracey Fitzgerald.

To date, the label is responsible for the release of a single and an upcoming EP. Michael Barrow’s first single, “The List,” was recorded at Noisebox Studios with Dave Zimmerman. The label is currently tracking Belle Jewel’s As It Is with composer/producer Ron Saltmarsh. Saltmarsh is the Division Coordinator of BYU’s Commercial Music Program and is also and Associate Teaching Professor at the University. He has written and arranged for Grammy award winning country group Diamond Rio.

After a private VIP event at Taste, Wish Granted Records will be hosting a public concert at Velour featuring all four of their acts. Hot off their performance with Mat Kearney, Kindred Dead will be performing new material, including their latest single, “First Impressions.” Michael Barrow will be performing with a full band for the first time. The band consists of three members of DateNight and Trevor Harmon of Jefferson & York.

Wish Granted hopes to become a stepping stone label – a force that helps Provo artists get organized and go on to reach a national audience. “Today’s music scene is throwing so much content our way, it’s easy for great music to go unheard and the artists that create it to go unpaid,” says CEO Grant Fry. “There seems to be a large divide between artists that are starting to gain local traction and those that are ready to move on to a major label. We intend to be that step between going in alone and getting that major label deal. Along the way, we hope to foster great relationships with the local scene and help generate more business for the studios and venues in the area.”

The show will take place Wednesday, April 13th at Velour Live Music Gallery. Doors open at 8PM. Tickets are $7 online, $8 at the door (cash only). The first 100 people who buy a ticket to the show will be entered in a drawing to win an Arvo watch. Check out Kindred Dead’s “First Impressions” below.


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