Up The Punx: Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold

The Provo Punk Scene would do well to learn from this emo band out of New Hampshire.

By Ted Richards

Perspective, a lovely hand to hold is an indie/emo math rock band out of Nashua, New Hampshire. The band is made up of lead singer Jacob McCabe, drummer Matt Cook, and guitarists Ben Walker and Andrew Dwyer. Though the band has no clear ties to Provo apart from their show at Muse Music in July, there is a lot the local scene can learn from a band who is releasing successful self-recorded albums and touring all across the US through their own efforts. We got to speak with Jacob McCabe about their recent tour, future releases, and what the Provo scene can learn from embracing a DIY aesthetic. This is part three of our Up The Punx Series, where we examine the Provo Punk scene and how to improve it. For part two, click here.

Tell me: what led to you starting Perspective, a lovely hand to hold? Also, I’m sure our readers would love to hear the story of your band name.

PALHTH started in 2013 basically after many unfulfilled attempts at bands by Matt and I and also Ben and Andrew. At one point in 2011/2012 we were in a pop punk band together with an additional member. But after Matt and I left we started writing music for what was going to be this band, though we didn’t know it at the time. After Ben and Andrew’s band broke up we started this band. Something like that. Our name’s origin is from a Relient K song. Not a very special story but it just sorta happened like that. [Laughs]

What are some of your influences, musical and otherwise, as a band?

Uh, I don’t know. We all went through the traditional phases of music I think – music you find from your parents or from siblings. Then the whole alternative scene. We listen to hardcore, metal, punk, pop, emo. However you wanna call them, we all dabbled in each. I think most currently we all just listen to stuff hoping to hear something weird or funky or something. In the van it’s anything from R. Kelly to Buddy Rich. We also listen to a lot of stand up and podcasts. I don’t like to get too specific on influence. Then it becomes too obvious who I’m ripping off. [Laughs]

Photo by Nick DiNatale

What were some of your goals when you started playing together, and how have they changed?

Hmm. I think our first main goal as a newly formed band was to put out a full length album, which we did with Autonomy, after putting out numerous EPs on previous projects. Just wanted something whole and complete and ours. We’re pretty happy with it cause it helped us get here. Nowadays I’d say we just want to get new music out which is in the works and do as much touring as we can. It’s important to be on the road and share your music in an intimate way.

I know you work with Broken World Media. How did you get from where you started to that point?

Broken World was a stroke of luck we are very thankful for. After Autonomy came out, I guess they had heard it and liked it and we had songs ready from the Play Pretend EP that we sent them and they said they’d release it and it all just worked well. Derrick is an incredible human being that we just wanna make proud.

How has it been working with BWM on the recent EP versus going full DIY? Do you feel that DIY ethic is important? How has it shaped the direction and management of the band?

DIY has perks I suppose. It’s not something I’ve always been into doing personally but I do appreciate those who do and respect it. Working with BWM is very low key and non stressful and rewarding and puts our music on a larger platform that we couldn’t do on our own.

We do a lot of things ourselves still at this point. It’s very important because if you are good at it and network and all those things it can get you to a point where you might not need to do it all yourself anymore. We all take different things as responsibilities in our own personal band, and there many things to manage when you are trying to stay active. It’s hard sometimes to just sit down and do sh** that you might not feel motivated to do all the time when you just want it to be done.

Photo by Nick DiNatale

You will be touring almost nonstop from June 17th to August 12th all over the US. This is a massive undertaking. Tell me a little bit about the booking process, and why you chose such an ambitious tour.

We’ve done a few tours now mostly in the greater east side of the country. We kinda knew the next step was to get west and do a full US tour. We do the booking ourselves at this point. It’s a lot of work, but very worth it. We get to meet a lot of nice people out there and it makes the experience that much better. But yeah it’s just what you gotta do as a band is be on the road. Earn your fans, ya know?

Your full length Autonomy and your Play Pretend EP are absolutely fantastic. Is there something new in the works? And if so, is there a timeline on when we can expect to hear it?

Well we just did the split EP and we have a second full length recorded. We are playing some new songs live now. New album should be out later this year on BWM.

What advice would you give to bands that are just starting out? 

Watch and learn. We aren’t there yet but [we’ve spent] years of watching YouTube videos, live videos, studio updates, records, tour updates, rig rundowns, interviews. The people you look up to: follow them and learn from them. Take what they do and make it your own. And keep changing things. Don’t let sh** get stale.

Photo by Nick DiNatale

Favorite band in the scene right now? 

Me? Rozwell Kid. Ben: LVL UP. Andrew: Donovan Wolfington. Matt: Animal Flag.

Favorite fast food restaurant?

Andrew and me love Shake Shack. Ben: Chipotle. Matt: None.

Favorite Spice Girl?


If you could tell new listeners anything about your music, what would it be?

We try to keep it real. Sometimes we get lost. Sorry if it’s bad!

Perspective, a lovely hand to hold is coming to town on July 15th. They’ll perform at a show hosted by the Provo Punk Collective at Muse Music alongside Second Anchor Line, Doris Day., and St. George emo act Sleep Dealer. Tickets are $7. Doors open at 8PM. Make sure to like PALHTH on Facebook and listen to “The Crevice” from their most recent release below!


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