5 Sodalicious Flavors to Try Before Rooftop Concert Series

This Friday will be hot. So we put together this helpful list to keep you cool and your thirst quenched.


By Matthew Jelalian

This Friday, Downtown Provo’s Rooftop Concert series will feature the National Parks, RKDN, and Hive Riot.  If you’re going to stay for the whole show, as you should, you’ll probably want to get some hydration in your system. A couple streets north of the concert at 30 W 300 N, you’ll find Sodalicious – a magical place that will meet those hydration needs. Here are 5 flavor suggestions for your drink run.


1. Civil Marriage

This is a fruity drink made of lemonade, blue curaçao, and peach. It’s sweet and tangy and above all, delicious. If you’re going to add anything to the drink, make it dirty. The lime/coconut addition enhances the overall tropical flavor without overpowering the drink as a whole. A Civil Marriage pairs well with an extra large Rice Krispie Square.

2. El Doctoro

El Doctoro is a simple drink. One part Dr Pepper, one part horchata. All parts chevre. In case you somehow have never been to a Mexican restaurant ever, horchata is a sweet, Hispanic rice drink. It remains to be seen if the horchata evens out the Dr Pepper or the Dr Pepper evens out the horchata. Either way, they compliment the heck out of each other. It’s smooth, sweet, and a little creamy. No need to make this dirty or extra dirty. Just drink it straight.

3. Amen

If you’re in Happy Valley, you might as well say a little prayer and end it with an Amen. Dr Pepper, almond, and cherry give this drink an amaretto taste that is simply amazing. If you want a bit more to the drink, make it extra dirty with some half and half creamer. But make sure to make it extra dirty, not dirty. The difference is subtle, but it could save your life. Once I made it dirty and the lime-coconut combination didn’t go well with the amaretto flavor.


4. Your Mom

Your Mom is amazing. And it’s always fun to ask for “Your Mom, but dirty.” Seriously though, this is a great drink that combines Dr. Pepper, coconut, and blackberry. Some might think adding the the extra coconut is a bit too much, but I think it adds a proper twist to an already amazing drink. Your Mom also goes nicely with a scotcharoo.

5. Monster-in-law

If you’re going to a concert you might need an extra boost of energy. That’s why you should try out the Monster-in-law. The base is Monster, and it has coconut and blueberry for a little extra sweet, fruit flavor. You could make the drink dirty if you wanted, but I’m not sure you need to double down on the coconut unless you really like that flavor. The Monster-in-law should get you through all three bands Friday night with enough energy left over to hang out with friends afterwards.

Keep in mind, Rooftop Concert Series starts at 7:30PM on 100 W Center Street, and Sodalicious is bound to be busy. Just give yourself enough time to order and get to the concert. Before any smart alecks point out how sugar is the devil, it’s worth pointing out that sugar is like anything else: it’s perfectly acceptable in moderation. You should get help if you find yourself strung out on Monster-in-laws at 3AM in the middle of Rancheritos.


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