RKDN Reaches #16 On The Billboard Heatseekers Chart

RKDN climbing the charts?! Told ya so…

By Richard Provost

Arvo. Utah’s watchmaker.

I wish I could say that Spring is in the air… but I’m biting my tongue because of the obvious mounds of snow outside. However, there’s definitely something to talk about. How about RKDN? Not long ago, we reviewed their newest release, where we said this:

“Don’t be surprised when this stuff blows up on Spotify in a few weeks and catapults RKDN into the national music scene.”

Yup, we guessed it. But I can’t say we’re the only ones. It’s hard not to get that kind of  traction when you have such a tight-knit music community in Provo backing you up. (You can check out that review here).

Made right here in Provo.

Touring around the west coast landed their song “No More Nightmares” some radio time in Laguna Beach on KX93.5. But that was just the beginning. They have been climbing the Billboard charts and are currently #16 on the Billboard Heatseekers Mountain Regional chart. It looks like Provo will soon have to share them with the rest of the nation. Pretty neat.

Follow them here to follow their journey, and check out their Cold House Live performance of “No More Nightmares” below.


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