Goldmyth Releases New Single After High Profile Sync Placements

“Triptych” is, was, and always will be awesome.


By Andy McFerren

My best friend is named Jenessa Smith, who performs under the stage name Goldmyth. I have only talked to her once in person, but when you meet your new best friend, you just know. And on June 24, 2022, bestie dropped a banger entitled, “Triptych.” 


Now, Andy, you might ask, isn’t writing about your new bestie a conflict of interest? Not when the music is this good, it ain’t. She could be my worst enemy, and I’d have to begrudgingly write about how awesome this song is. So leave your questions about conflicts of interest at the door for my day job, you narc. I’m moonlighting right now, and I don’t have time for anything but music. 


In a couple recent social media posts, Jenessa (remember we’re besties, so yes, we’re on a first name basis) explained that a triptych is a three-part art piece to form a whole, using the example of a renaissance-era painting. For me personally, I had only ever seen this in nerdy Star Wars art. I must’ve not been paying attention in Humanities class. 

She further explained that the three parts in the triptych she sings about were three seminal loves throughout her life and how it’s strange having these people that were “momentous at the time” but are no longer a part of your life anymore. She specified one, who is a central part of the song, was there for her during a hard time after the death of her cousin. 

A visual representation of a Triptych, courtesy of bestie.

That’s beautiful. That’s real. It is those kind of connections that help us grow—they help us heal. If I were a smarter person, I could tell you why or how. Alas I am not, but trust me, it does. 

Sonically, the song is just as beautiful as it is lyrically. The defining characteristic of the song is its happy-sad beat. Jenessa has coined it as “moody girl summer.” You’re sad—subject to a contemplative melancholy—but you can’t help but feel the rhythm as it courses through every molecule of your body. 

But what brings the whole song together is Goldmyth’s unique, defining characteristic—the electric harp—that comes in like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball if that wrecking ball were made of cotton candy. It softly crashes in at the beginning of the chorus, creating a dream-like, floating sensation. The song feels like it’s a quick trip—a glimpse even—into the afterlife. Just a quick trip with Charon over the River Styx for a weekend of shopping the local farmers market, seeing the sights, visiting lost loved ones, and right back to your life, full of fluorescent lighting and endless emails that clutter your inbox. But you’ll always have that weekend, and luckily for you, that weekend is available to you at all times via your streaming service of choice. 

Speaking of streaming services, bestie’s been killing it with the sync placements lately. We told you about Goldmyth’s placement on The Sex Lives of College Girls. But did you know her song “Isn’t It Easy” makes an appearance on Episode 6 of Showtime’s I Love That For You (now on Hulu for all you streamers out there). Yeah, my friend is pretty cool.

Don’t believe me? Experience her beautiful music for the first—or hundredth—time below. You can read more of my thoughts on the song at Music Outlet Mall.


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