Preview: Velour Winter 2022 Battle of the Bands

We took a look at each band playing Velour’s next Battle of the Bands.


By Andy McFerren

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, folks! Nope, not the Holidays (because depending on how well you get along with your family, that can be literal hell). No, I’m talking about Velour Live Music Gallery’s Battle of the Bands!


This article will preview the bands in the upcoming Winter 2022 Battle of the Bands. It’s taking place the week of Monday, December 5, 2022. Preliminaries will take place Monday through Friday with a four-band lineup playing each night. The winner of each night will advance to the finals on Saturday, December 10. 

This guide will give you a short description of what each band sounds like, and who my favorite is to win each night. 


Monday, December 5

I have never heard of a single one of these bands. Say It Back sounds like they grew up on a lot of pop punk, and like always, mom, it was never a phase. The What-Nots is if Soccer Mommy was a lot angrier than depressed and threw a lot more distortion into the mix. 19 Miles Per Hour is Jukebox the Ghost with distortion, which sounds weird, but I’m right. And lastly, for the life of me, I can not put my finger on Miss Valentine’s sound. 

Monday Favorite: Having not heard any of these bands live is tough since your success at Battle of the Bands is dependent on being able to perform your best in the moment. I know a lot of really good bands that choked on their night who should have advanced but weren’t on their A game. After a brief listen of all of these bands, the What-Nots had my preferred sound, but I think 19 Miles Per Hour will win. 

Tuesday, December 6

Sage Lane sounds like the Hunna. Maren Gayle is giving me Brandi Carlisle vibes. JolleyTime is an experimental pop band like AJR, but if AJR was even weirder? I can’t describe it more succinctly than that. Jordan Moyes is a time traveller with the voice of an angel. 

Tuesday Favorite: Much like Monday’s slate, I haven’t seen most of these bands in person. I love Maren Gayle’s sound, who I hadn’t heard before the lineup announcement, but ultimately I think Jordan Moyes takes the night. 

Jordan Moyes performing at Warehouse Worship.

Wednesday, December 7


Health Care will throw you one of the biggest misdirections with metal riffs and indie rock/pop vocals. Homestyle Dinner Rolls is a rock band with pop melodies that reminds me of a Pitch Perfect cover (no disrespect, fellas). Poolhouse is an indie pop band that reminds me a lot of a modern version of Cartel. At her angstiest, Princess Peach sounds like Provo music scene staple Drusky, but don’t let that fool you – she can turn on the charm and serenade you just like any other. 

Wednesday Favorite: As much as I wish it would be Princess Peach, Poolhouse can play a great live show from what I hear, and after winning their night in last year’s Winter BOTB, I look for them to repeat this year. 

Health Care.

Thursday, December 8

It is a shame that all of these bands are playing on the same night. Del Perro is indie rock at its indie rockiest where the singer sounds like his voice is constantly on the verge of cracking but in the most endearing way. Bad Heather is cooler than everyone and takes pop music to a level where it’s harder than most current-day rock. Afternoon All Night is an alternative rock band who will have the crowd’s heads bobbing. Be sure to not bob too vigorously so you don’t give yourself whiplash. And bedroom pop darling Beeson is sure to charm your socks off. 

Thursday Favorite: Bad Heather’s choreographed dance moves and overall energy might be too much for anyone else to overcome and take the number one spot. 

Friday, December 9


MYKAH reminds me of mid 00s pop like Christina Perri, but over the current pop beats of today. This could be completely false, so maybe I am just a victim of my time. At times in their shallow discography, Welcome Home Sundance reminds me of Francis and the Lights. At others, it’s typical acoustic pop. I have no idea what they will sound like live. No Such Animal is a smorgasbord of sound who loves to switch up and defy all genre norms. John Mayer died when Taylor Swift released “Dear John” and was born again into Sky Olson & the Valley. 

Friday Favorite: I may be (very) biased, but I am going to go with my boy Sky. 

This is shaping up to be a great week for Provo music. Good luck to everyone, and I’ll see you there! Make sure to follow Velour Live Music Gallery on Instagram. You can check out “Cruise Control” by Sky Olson below.


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