Premiere: Watch Goldmyth’s New Music Video

Her new single, “Video,” officially drops December 2.


By Andy McFerren

Goldmyth has done it again, folks. Jenessa Smith, aka Goldmyth, has crafted a slick new music video to promote her new single, “Video.” 


The music video, directed by Bentley Rawle, with creative direction and editing by Smith herself, was made in a mere two days – from conception to planning to execution. Smith and her team sourced old TVs and family home videos from strangers in her hometown. 

“This song was born out of my old home movies from a family vacation to Jackson Hole,” says Smith. “I returned years later with a best friend/love interest, only to find that we had to part ways forever.” 

The video perfectly encapsulates that nostalgic feeling as you contemplate the past and look towards the future. Its aesthetic is half late ‘80s, early ‘90s slumber party, mixed with a dark, Silence of the Lambs vibe – but if Buffalo Bill kidnapped you not to kill you, but only to have a dance party. 


Most of Goldmyth’s music has a melancholy dance beat that simultaneously makes you happy yet contemplative—the perfect recipe for nostalgia. “Video” is no exception. It’s the happiest music I routinely listen to, which might be giving you a way-too-personal insight into my own life. 

The soft blue lighting present throughout the video and the glow of the TVs accentuate and—depending on how you feel about being sad—exacerbate the tone of the song. I picture late nights basking in the glow of a TV, volume turned down to not wake the rest of the family, dreaming of a different life—a life you believe you could achieve if you could only manage to snap out of the anxiety-induced paralysis that holds you down. “Video” has the power to help you break free of the chains of your doubts and move forward.

The song itself was co-produced by Goldmyth and S2_Cool, who currently plays with Neon Trees and writes with IDKHow. “We worked to further the Goldmyth world of expansive mystery and warm nostalgia,” says Goldmyth. “When all the dust settled, we had a late 80’s tinged modern opus to childhood, lost love, and never looking back.”

“Video” drops on December 2, 2022. Goldmyth is set to perform at Velour Live Music Gallery on December 1, and tickets are on sale now. Be sure to check out the music video below, and follow Goldmyth on Spotify.


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[…] Goldmythの新しいシングルは過去に思いを馳せ、未来に目を向けるような、そんなノスタルジックな感覚を見事に表現している。 Bentley Rawleが監督し、Jenessa Smith自身がクリエイティブディレクションと編集を担当し、構想から計画、実行までわずか2日間で制作されたミュージックビデオはProvo Music Magazineでプレミア公開されている。 […]


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