What Beeson’s Doing After Her Big Win

Only the 5th female fronted act in 17 years to win Velour’s Battle of the Bands, Beeson has big plans.

By Mike Romero

Beeson’s performance in the final night of the Winter 2022 Velour Battle of the Bands was nothing short of breathtaking. Her disarming smile and innocent demeanor on stage almost acted as subterfuge, perfectly concealing the powerhouse vocalist that she is. But when Jane Beeson opened her mouth, our reporter covering that night wrote that she “wowed the audience, prompting several jaw-dropping sequences.”


“I have made a lot of progress with my voice since we competed last year,” she says humbly. This was Beeson’s second time in the finals, having made the cut the year prior. I was present for her performance in 2021, and was blown away by her vocal performance then. The progress her and her band have made since then is a testament to how seriously they take their craft, and just how gifted each musician on stage truly is. They really took things to the next level.

So. What now?

Photo by Jera Haslem.

Winning Velour’s Battle of the Bands is no small feat. After 17 years in operation, many now-prominent national acts have cut their teeth in this same competition before going on to play Late Night With Seth Myers or Jimmy Kimmel Live! – and you can’t set foot in Velour without standing in the long shadow of Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. Still, a win doesn’t guarantee that level of success.

Luckily, Beeson has the kind of raw talent that translates well across all mediums. In addition to wowing live audiences with her songwriting and vocal prowess, she’s found considerable traction on TikTok with over 20k followers. And I’m 99% certain that her two singles, “syrup” and “Pink Light” have both been certified as bops by the National Board of Bop Certifiers, with over 100k Spotify streams between the two. It’s no surprise, then, that Beeson has started getting some attention beyond Provo city limits.

“I’ve gotten a lot of cool opportunities since winning, including some management and label attention,” she says. “I’m probably going to stay indie for a while, but I’m excited to use the recording time I won at Battle of the Bands to finish some new songs.” She just started working with a new producer in New York City, and is hoping to get her first EP out soon, with a new single dropping in February 2023. Her band hopes to tour this year in support of the new material.

Photo by Jera Haslem

As a political science major, Beeson has a nuanced outlook on power structures and social dynamics. She’s said in the past that she wants her music to celebrate the female experience as something sacred and beautiful. Winning Velour’s Battle of the Bands makes Beeson only the 5th female/female fronted act to win the competition in 17 years.

“I’d love to see more female-fronted bands compete in Battle of the Bands and participate in the scene in general,” she says. “The Provo music scene is a bit of a boys club and I hope that my win encourages more female musicians to play shows here!” Despite the lopsided demographic, Beeson has found a helpful and supportive community of female artists in Provo. “I love having so many talented people close by to learn from and collaborate with. I just called Jenessa Smith of Goldymth to ask for advice on some music stuff today! Mindy Gledhill is always so supportive as well.”

Photo by Jera Haslem.

With tour, a new single, a new EP, plus graduation on the horizon, Beeson’s going to have some busy times ahead. Regardless of what the future holds, she has a pure underlying vision that motivates her to keep doing what she does: “I’d love to see my music allow people to become more connected with one another. 

While you wait for her new music to drop, make sure to follow Beeson on Instagram and check out “Pink Light” below.


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