Shows This Week (12/5/22-12/10/22)

With two Battle of the Bands competitions happening, there are plenty of great shows this week!


Velour Live Music Gallery


This week is Velour’s Winter Battle of the Bands!

Today, December 5, is Night 1 of the week-long competition. Tonight will feature Say It Back, The What-Nots, 19 Miles Per Hour, and Miss Valentine.

Night 2 is on Tuesday, December 6. Sage Lane, Maren Gayle, JollyTime, and Jordan Moyes will be performing.

Wednesday, December 7 is night 3! The lineup will consist of Health Care, Homestyle Dinner Rolls, Poolhouse, and Princess Peach.

Night 4 will be Thursday, December 8. Del Perro, Bad Heather, Afternoon All Night, and Beeson will take the stage!

Night 5 is Friday, December 9. It will feature MYKAH, Welcome Home Sundance, No Such Animal, and Sky Olson & the Valley.

Saturday, December 10, will be the final night of Battle of the Bands, featuring the winners of each night!

All shows are $10 at the door. Doors open at 7:30 PM each night.


The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk will also be hosting a Battle of the Bands this week!

Day 1 will be Tuesday, December 6 at 6:30 PM. MAHD, Landon and the Sea Dogs, The Sons of Thor, Premonition, and State of Decay will take the stage. Get tickets here.

Wednesday, December 7 will feature Lyxx, Just4TheRecord, The Day Crash, Lauren Cassidy, and Grimwood. Get tickets here.

Thursday, December 8 will see BITTER, Off Center, Down River, Riot of the Red Heart, and Swerved by Blondes face off! Get tickets here.

Friday, December 9 Grounder will be performing with Jack Wright feat. The Sequel, Running Sons, Just Khakis, and Misdemeanor. Get tickets here.

Rincon Poblano

Every Saturday from 7-10 PM, Rincon Poblano Mexican Food holds an open mic night. This is located on University Avenue off Center Street, in between Good Move Cafe and the Wells Fargo building. Free admission.

Center Stage at UVU


On Saturday, December 10, the Timp Musicians will perform a Christmas music concert composed, directed, and arranged by Matt Lees at 6:30 PM. RSVP here.

Java Junkie

Java Junkie hosts an open mic night every Friday at 7 PM.

Hungry Hawaiian

The Hungry Hawaiian on University Avenue provides live Island Style music every Friday from 6-8 PM. It’s free admission, but grab some food and make sure to tip the artist.

While you’re waiting for these shows to start, check out “Honest” by Bad Heather.


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