Sego Reintroduces Provo to the 360° Show

“We like to nudge individuals out of their customary tendencies.”


By Zach Collier

Provo’s suckiest band, Sego, is coming home for a visit. Now based in Los Angeles, the band still has deep ties to the Provo music scene (as evidenced by the phenomenal turnout at the Cowboys & Indies show at Velour Live Music Gallery with Mac Wright, Pinguin Mofex, and Paul Jacobsen and last fall). This time around, they’re debuting new music and reintroducing local audiences to their acclaimed 360° show format.


The Sego performance will be arranged across four stages positioned on the outer edges of the venue, with the audience encircled in the middle. They initially debuted this format at the album release party for their last album, Sego Sucks

“Now that we’ve just released the first single, TANDANG, from our forthcoming full length, it only felt right to bring back the surround sound show to Provo,” says Sego frontman Spencer Petersen.

For those unfamiliar with Petersen, he’s a firm believer in disruption. “Concerts, like so many of our routines, are deeply rooted in formulas, formats, and conventions that often go unnoticed,” he says. “At our shows, we like to nudge individuals out of their customary tendencies. Simply through the arrangement of the stages, we’ve noticed that people tend to loosen up, resulting in a more interactive and memorable experience. This performance is a rarity due to the substantial setup it necessitates, and not to mention, the inherent risks. What’s a show without a decent chance of the artists metaphorically crashing and burning?”


In addition to Sego, the lineup will showcase previously local legends (now also established in LA) Holy Water Buffalo and Les Femmes highlight 26fix. Track 2 from Sego’s new record will also hit streaming services on April 14.

The show takes place Friday, April 14 at Velour Live Music Gallery. Doors open at 8 PM. Tickets are on sale here. While you’re waiting for the show to start, follow Sego on Instagram and listen to “TANDANG” below.


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