Les Femmes Spotlight #12: Mia Hicken

Provo’s emo empress.


Les Femmes De Velour is an eight-day celebration of female and female-fronted acts in the Provo music scene. To honor these incredible musicians, we’re highlighting one artist from each night.


“Proud daughter of the Heber Valley” Mia Hicken is a deeply confessional, introspective songwriter whose biting, ruthlessly honest lyricism has broken the hearts of untold listeners. As a solo artist, her voice is cozy and direct, focused on razor sharp inflection and delivery atop indie folk stylings. With her band, Drusky, her voice transforms into a king-sized juggernaut – an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Drusky (a portmanteau of drunk husky) is an indie emo band based in Utah. It was originally formed by Hicken, drummer Scott Knutson, and bassist Dallin Haslam as a way to “band-ify” her solo work. As they wrote together, it became something entirely its own. Their first two EPs, (Hush Hush Secret Stuff) and In Transit, have both been well received at home and abroad. The song “Holy Ghosting” was their first to break 100k streams. The band’s lineup currently consists of Hicken, guitarist Casey Ball, bassist Eli Pratt, and drummer Stacie Fleischer. They plan on releasing their debut LP in 2023. 

While Drusky definitely deserves every bit of the attention they’re getting, Hicken’s 2020 solo EP Reasons is a must-listen and shouldn’t be overshadowed or forgotten.

You can catch Mia Hicken with her band Drusky at night 6 of Les Femmes De Velour. That’s tonight, February 24. She’ll perform alongside Health Care, New American Gothic, and Down River. Tickets are on sale here. Make sure to follow Mia Hicken and Drusky on Instagram and stream “Holy Ghosting” below.


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